I Tried Reflexology!


Can we just take a moment to talk about how insane the weather in the UK has been! It has literally been like thirty degrees and at first I was like ‘Yes time to get my tan on!’ but now I am just suffering in this heat! Although I shouldn’t really complain about it being like this because it is very rare we get weather like this!

Today, after doing a hike (basically a walk around my town but it felt like a hike because of the heat) I went to a reflexology session! But what is reflexology might you ask?? Reflexology is a therapy based on different points on your feet or hands which corresponds with different points on your body and you can tell tensions in different points in your body just from your hands or feet. It is like a foot massage but it works on holistically creating a better well being.

The Association of Reflexologists asked if I would like a taster lesson if I was interested and of course I was! My Mum has had a session done before my one of her friends who was training in reflexology and she said it was really good so I gave it a go and went to my local reflexologist Helen.

I got there and I didn’t know what to expect as I have never had anything like this done before so it was a totally new experience! Helen was so friendly and inviting which made my nerves about the experience go instantly! It was really nice as there was relaxing music playing in the background. We did a half an hour session as it was scorching hot, and firstly I filled out the basic health form which you have to do, just to check your general health. Then Helen asked me some questions about my sleeping pattern, what I get stressed about, how energetic I am, and what sports I do etc.. This is all to determine what technique would be best to use. She then mixed some non-scented body lotion with different oils based on what I wanted to achieve out of the session. In mine was two drops of frankincense, two drops of geranium and two drops of rose and it smelt amazing!

I then hopped up onto the bed and Helen cleaned off my feet and started the main part of the session. First she held my feet to see how much energy she could feel. She then started massaging my feet using different techniques. From what I gathered the top of the big toe connects to the top of your head, just under your baby toe resembles your shoulders, and then the inside of your foot resembles your spine. Each foot connects to that side of your body too. What amazed me is that Helen could tell I had a tightness in my shoulder from when I pulled a muscle from when I went cliff jumping last night. That was quite scary but really cool at the same time!

I found it so relaxing which was good because that’s what I wanted to achieve from the session. I don’t mind people touching my feet and I know that some people don’t however I really liked it. If I had a full hour session then I think I would have gone to sleep because it was so relaxing. The session can make you feel quite thirsty and I did feel that so Helen gave me some water too.

For the after care, Helen gave me the left over moisturizer which I have to blend over my feet over the course of the next few days. I am going to out it on my hands to help me relax before my driving lesson. You are meant to avoid things like caffeine and alcohol after it and it can make you feel tired or dizzy but this is a way of your body getting rid of any toxins.

I really enjoyed my session and I am definitely going back for another one! Thank you so much Helen!

Have you ever tried Reflexology? 


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