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I did a blog post a few months ago talking through my then current pamper routine because as I mentioned it is always necessary to have a bit of ‘me time’ each week. I got a few comments about how people sometimes can’t find enough time to or they don’t actually know how to give themselves a little beauty treat every once in a while. That is what has led me to this blog post because it is actually really simple to do with these small tips or ideas. Your perfect pamper evening doesn’t have to be long-winded, or take up hours it could just be simply a bath with some lush candles lit, or you could go all our and make a small occasion out of it.

One thing I like to do is really take some time to do my nails. I normally find painting my nails so laborious because I never find the time to do it. So I always make sure to include this because I can make my nails look good and I have the time to take care over it and make it less of a chore.

If you struggle to relax, even when having a pamper evening then I highly recommend running yourself a nice warm bath and popping a bath bomb in it. After getting out (remember to bow out all your beautiful smelling candles) try getting some body lotion and taking the time to moisturize your body. I never normally do this because it takes time to apply, and then dry, however giving yourself a little foot massage or rubbing the lotion in can really help you relax.


One absolute essential for pamper evenings is a face mask. I mean what is a pamper session without a face mask?! It’s like having strawberries without cream… not as good and just not the same! I love the anatomicals face masks because I love how they target different topics like spots, or stress unlike other brands. However I have to be careful with face mask as I can react them! EEK! On the other hand I love peel off face masks and I find them really weirdly satisfying and completely adds to the whole pamper idea! Face masks are also really good to get rid of any dirt that has clogged up in your pores so your killing two birds with one stone (not literally…)!


Or if you aren’t in the mood for a bath (I wouldn’t blame you with this scorching weather we are having in the UK) or want to make it the perfect pamper evening then you could also pop on a girly chick flick or your all time fave film. Personally my go to film has to be The Longest Ride because OMG Scott Eastwood in it is adorable! Also what would make the film look a thousand times better is the new Panasonic 4K TV because who doesn’t want to see their fave film in HD and look absolutely amazing! It would feel like being in an actual cinema! How insane is that?! I also like to sometimes put on a sad film like Marley and Me because then if you are alone no-one can judge me for just balling my eyes out! Those are some of the best types of films though in my opinion.

I hope this has given you some good ideas for your next pamper session!

What do your like to do on your pamper evenings?


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13 thoughts on “How To Have The Perfect Pamper Evening! | AD

  1. Personally I am absolutely terrible with pamper evenings. They just seem like so much effort and I don’t like baths that much. A relaxing evening for me is being able to sit in bed and watch an episode from my tv series because it is such a luxury

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  2. Those are some gorgeous pictures Emily! I have not tried to give me a pamper evening in quite a while. Maybe it’s time to do it on an occasional basis. As who doesn’t like to get a relaxing evening time to time. Thank for some wonderful tips!

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  3. I have just recently started incorporating pamper evenings into my schedule and it really makes my week soo much better. It is much easier to put things into perspective after a relaxing bath. It is also the time I take out to do my nails or pluck my eyebrows.. saves me time later and it’s so nice to have them done.

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