Lush Think Pink Bath Bomb


It has been absolutely ages since I have done a review of a Lush bath bomb and it has also been absolutely ages since I have actually bought something from Lush. I feel that because its going into summer now in the UK it’s not a pleasing having a bath because the weather is warmer and I feel like the whole idea of having a bath on a cold winters evening is amazing. If you haven’t been reading my blog for too long then you should know that I am utterly OBSESSED with Lush bath bombs and bubble bars and I think last Autumn I spent about £200 on the Christmas and Halloween range… I know that’s a lot! So the fact that I haven’t bought anything from Lush since Valentines Day is a big thing!

But I went shopping last weekend and I was like ‘You know what I am going to treat myself to one’ because they had some new stuff in and I haven’t had a bath in a while. They had about three new bath bombs which I haven’t seen before but I decided just to pick one and see what it was like.

The one I got was the Think Pink bath bomb. And indeed it is very pink, very glitter and very girly. I put it into my bath and then panicked as I realised I was meant to take photos of it so you will have to bear with mean over the fact that the bath bomb has nearly completely dissolved in the photo below!


As you can see it made the bath look like a pink heaven and all the bath art it created was in white and different shades of pink, so considering that pink is my favourite colour, it didn’t disappoint! Not only is it good because it leaves your bath water a gorgeous shade of magenta, but it also is a good-sized bath bomb. It isn’t a small bath bomb that is the size of your fingertip, but it is HUGE. It is one of the pricier bath bombs of Lush’s collection at £4.25 but boy-o-boy it is worth that extra 40p!

Onto one of the main parts of the bath bomb, the scent, it smells of vanilla. Vanilla is one of my fave smells ever because its not too sweet and I always find it quite relaxing. Although I also find lavender very relaxing too! But the scent isn’t overwhelming either. It did stain the bath a little but that might be because I didn’t wash the bath off straight away after my bath, however it did leave a lovely sparkle to my skin!

I feel that this bath bomb is perfect for a girly night in or as part of a pamper sesh!

You can find it on the Lush website here.


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20 thoughts on “Lush Think Pink Bath Bomb

  1. I absolutely love Lush and recently got into the bath bombs. My daughter loves them too! She has a wooden trug with all our Lush soaps and bath bombs in which she keeps in her bathroom, they smell so gorgeous! Too nice to use really 😩😘your photos are so pretty btw Samantha x

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