5 Things That Made Me Happy in June


As I haven’t uploaded a monthly favourites post as my current faves went up a few days ago (which FYI you can find here – classy bit of self promo) I thought I would do another monthly themed post in regards to what I have been loving that has made me happy. I thought this was a good idea because it can help you reflect on the month and writing the things that have made you happy can make you happy just thinking about them… if that makes any sense at all! So without further ado here are the things, big or small, that put a smile on my face in June.

The weather

I think to anyone the weather makes a huge difference on someones mood. Most of June in the UK was amazing in regards to weather. It was BOILING. I managed to get a good tan, and I didn’t get drenched walking home everyday as per.

New Friends

I made some new and really close friends this month who I know will be a huge part of my life and things like that are always really exciting as you never know where things will go and I haven’t stopped smiling since.

A Break

After my exams finished I had three whole weeks off to just chill, crack on with some driving lessons and focus on my blog. Not forgetting the fact I had time to catch up on some well deserved sleep. I am a huge fan of lie ins and I will never say no to one!

Love Island

Yes this seems sad and pathetic but if you watch Love Island you will understand!! I never watched the other series because I was like ‘It will just be rubbish’ but OMG I’M OBSESSED. Nine o’clock everyday you will find me watching it on my iPad no doubt.

The Beach

‘Lets go to the beach, each let’s go get away’ With this good weather it would be a crime not to go the beach. We often go to the beach in the evening with our family friends and we go surfing, kayaking, cliff jumping then grab some fish and chips whilst the sun goes down. Whilst this sounds v cheesy it is pretty spectacular.

These are just a few things that have put a grin across my face this past month.

What has made you smile lately?


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23 thoughts on “5 Things That Made Me Happy in June

  1. That sounds like lovely, I’ve never been cliff jumping. I believe we have similar weather where I live, it usually feels past 100 degrees outside. I’m glad you had time to relax in the summer. For things that made me smile, catching up with old friends and making a new friend, discovering new music, finding great deals to decorate my room, adding books to my library, watching sunsets and honestly just being outdoors :).


  2. Oh I understand your addiction to Love Island. I had the same opinion at first but it takes one episode and you’re hooked. It’s the best thing in the world to turn off your brain. At this point, I don’t care if people judge me. It’s just too good!

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  3. So jealous that you live by the beach! And don’t worry, I’m obsessed with Love Island too 😂 I’ve got so much to catch up on though, its ridiculous! Everytime I go on Facebook and see something that relates to it, I have to scroll as fast as I can! xx

    Liked by 2 people

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