Two Sides Of Blogging…


I don’t like having a moan on my blog as I like it too be a positive space which I can escape to from life in general, however sometimes blogging can feel like an up hill struggle. It isn’t as luxurious as it is made out to be. I felt like doing this post because I have done a similar on to it before called ‘The Reality Of Blogging’ and I got a response that was almost like lifting a weight off peoples shoulders just by reading it. Because sometimes it is okay to admit something is hard.

Before I ramble on any longer, this post is going to be a chatty one so get comfy…

I struggle with motivation a lot. Like this photo that I have used here makes me feel so unmotivated because I don’t like the way it looks. I over edited it and I didn’t wipe off the marks on the NYX powder making it look so dirty. Sometimes I am just too busy to take photos so I miss an upload day, but that isn’t always an issue because its good to have breaks.

Also I can’t afford some of the makeup that ‘better’ bloggers do so I find my photos to be boring compared to theirs and not as interesting. I always think ‘If I had the money to get that…’ But who doesn’t?! I have a list of goodies to buy but I know it will never get fully ticked off ha Ha!

Blogging and being a teenage can cause its struggles because people don’t take you seriously. This one is a BIG issue for me and isn’t as relatable for everyone because most bloggers tend to be older. I get taken as a ‘kid’ when talking to some company’s or by other bloggers. Sometimes I feel patronized by people when I talk about my blog saying ‘Why would company’s pay a 17 year old money when its just a waste’ and I’m just like SERIOUSLY?! It tends to be by people who don’t understand blogging but still its like saying to the that they don’t deserve to earn money form their job.

There are positive sides to blogging though don’t get me wrong. I want to do a Fashion Media and Marketing Degree at university and by blogging it has already taught me a lot about the industry I want to go into and it has allowed me to make contacts with different company’s which will help me get into that career.

I also really like making posts which help people because it feels good knowing that you have helped someone else just by writing words on the internet. It is crazy the amount of friendly people you can meet by blogging, and connecting to people who have similar interests to you. It is MIND BLOWING.

I could go on and on and on but I wanted to get this off my chest.

What are your pros and cons of blogging?


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53 thoughts on “Two Sides Of Blogging…

  1. “Blogging and being a teenage can cause its struggles because people don’t take you seriously.”


    I am not teenage (I’m in my 40s) and I’ve been doing this blogging lark on and off for 13 years – but in all that time, blogging has had a reputation problem. If you’re a blogger, some people automatically see you as unprofessional, clueless, business-stupid and unprincipled enough to take any money thrown at you, no matter who does the throwing. I still see this being said in some places. “Blogger” is said with a sneer.

    It’s all nonsense.

    You can call yourself a blogger – but you’re also a writer, a publisher, the owner of a magazine, and also a startup, and self-employed, and all sorts of things besides. (In that whole previous sentence, only “blogger” evokes that kind of sniffy reaction from some people. Really annoying.)

    I wish I had another twenty years, because this is an exciting time to have a blog. The “rules” are all up for grabs. Everyone’s a bit smarter and more skeptical about the get-rich-quick and pyramid schemes, and the true power of independently finances blogs is going through the roof thanks to things like Patreon and this guy:

    This is a good time to be a blogger. Not just for the money, but for the limitless ways to make awesome things online for people who will really care.

    You *will* be taken seriously when they realise what you can do. 🙂

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  2. I relate to this very much. I don’t have the camera equipment etc to make everything look stunning or the tech skills to have a well designed page (maybe one day). I often feel like there’s no point in me even continuing with this blog that I started a few months ago. What do we have to lose though? Not much really, and potentially a lot to gain in ways we don’t realise. Good luck! I hope we both succeed!

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    1. NEVER GIVE UP! I have been blogging a year and half and there have been so many times where I have been like why am I actually doing it. But it starts to pay off and if anything its about connecting to people who have the same interests as you!

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      1. Yeah I’d love to connect with people with the same interests! That’s one of the reasons I started. Unfortunately I haven’t really encountered many people who want to keep in touch, but that might just be because I’m new.

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  3. I have only recently started blogging and just came across your site. I’m looking at the picture and before I read what you had wrote, thought to myself, I wish my pictures were as pretty! I’m 24 years old and wish I had started to blog years ago. I think we all have our down days, but I wouldn’t worry, you’re clearly doing something right 🙂 x

    Chelsie |

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  4. Great post! You worry about being too young, and I worry about being too old lol. I will soon be 32 and wishing I could be in my twenties and starting this journey. I think being young and starting is awesome. I am blogging as a hobby right now, but I would love for it to go somewhere because I love it, but I find it hard to get traction with it. But I love it so I keep posting 🙂

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  5. I love your post, so much! It’s like really, really refreshing to see another teenage blogger. I’m just blogging for a hobby now but maybe someday it’ll go somewhere… I love the image on this post! Also, I’d be really honored if you’d check out my blog and follow if you like it! 😁

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  6. Number one in this game is to stay away from comparing. STOP. You lose the moment you give in to this. The money part…well it’s only a limitation if you believe it is? There’s nothing wrong with a powdery container…I ‘m sure lots of people have one line it. I say just be yourself and focus on that. Write your blog because it’s something you love period. I have a blog and I love my blog. This is a way for be to feel free- believe it or not. I love and I can share it with others. I’m still learning but what really helps me is to be a fan. I love to learn. Yes I’m slowly gaining fans but I realize that this can only happen when I’m truly me. Seth Godin once said that you go into something with doubts then you’ve already lost. Wait you want to do fashion media? Why what do you love about that? That’s what you should write about.

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    1. I do believe having a limited amount of money is a limitation, whether you believe it or not because literally with no money you can’t get any new makeup or blog props and your photos become repetitive. I am happy with my blog or else I would stop blogging, I am not often negative on my blog and I wouldn’t say it is a bad thing because by writing about it others can relate too and realise they are not alone as its not good to bottle things up or to be fake.


  7. This post was so relatable!! Especially as being a teenager myself, some people don’t tend to take you seriously! 😑

    Love Somachi xx

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  8. This was such a relatable post! I often feel insecure about my photos because I don’t always have the time or resources to take the perfect picture. Who cares about age if you produce great content?! I always enjoy reading your posts! xx

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  9. Hi! Im a new, aspiring makeup blogger, hoping one day to have a blog as successful as yours. I was wondering if you could help me get my blog off the ground by following me and my social media accounts that are linked, would mean a lot xx

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  10. YEEES I relate to this! I haven’t actually been treated like a child yet mainly because my target audience is people close to my age; I’m also not in contact with brands. However, I think it’s ridiculous for anybody to patronise based on age as some of the brightest minds are those of teenagers because we have to balance school, blogging and other social medias as well as a social life! Also, I find that I compare myself to other bloggers a lot which can make me lose motivation; it’s something I’m trying to stop but it still happens!

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  11. I completely agree and I think it is so important to be honest with yourself when it comes to blogging, especially when you have to rely a lot of self-motivation. I find timing a big issue- working full-time I love my day job but because I’ve been so busy I hate the idea of rushing blog posts. But then creating content and spilling your heart out with blogs is what keeps me going, plus because it’s such a supportive environment. I love your blog, keep going girl! X

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  12. This is a really good post and I like when people open up about their struggles. Because usually, you just read how amazing it is. I am 24 but remember being a teenager and having all these annoying stereotypes attached to me. I always felt mature for my age and independant and it is hard when people just write you off as ‘teenager’. It is an amazing age though!
    My cons would be the time. It is like a full-time job without many of the benefits. It is a struggle trying to prioritise and stay on top of everything. The pros would be the creative freedom and the connections that I have made.

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  13. I find motivation hard sometimes too! I feel like I’ve been blogging for a couple of months but only have 28 followers and sometimes wonder why I’m bothering because my follower count isn’t rising. Other days I have bomb make up and can’t for the life of me get a decent picture!! So that gets me down a bit too. However, it’s a good outlet for your creativity and thoughts so like you I’ll keep on going! Xx

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  14. My blog is really a hobby for me, I don’t set aside days for blogging and posting and such because I don’t want it to become like a chore, I want it to stay light and fun. But I often wonder if I’m not like, making my blog as good as it can be? Because sometimes I go weeks without posting. And that’s when I start to feel a bit more negatively about it. But I think a post like this is great because everyone feels what you’re feeling in one way or another. No one’s perfect, even the people who’s pictures are always on point etc will feel some insecurity or have some negativity about their work in some way or another. Think you’re doing a great job! ❤

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