Easy Ways To Wash Your Makeup Brushes


I think you might know by now from my posts, if not my photos with dirty brushes in, I don’t wash my makeup brushes too often. EWWWWW THAT’S SO GROSS I KNOW!! But I just don’t have the time to wash my makeup brushes and let them dry as I tend to wear makeup everyday. I find it such a laborious process, probably more than painting my nails but I know how important it is if I want to have perfect skin with no pesky blemishes.

When I do wash my makeup brushes though, I tend to just put a bit of shampoo on my hand, and massage my brushes and rinse it off with warm water. If you want to know my full cleaning routine and tips on how you can wash yours, giving them a proper deep clean, then you can find a post here.

However, raise your hand if you love a good beauty hack or life saving beauty tip! Because I know I do! So that’s why I thought of some ways to make washing your makeup brushes easier and less time-consuming!

Get shampoo especially for makeup brushes.

Whilst it is all well and good using normal hair shampoo for your makeup brushes, as it cleans them and does the job, it can be quite harsh on the hairs in the brushes as they are finer and are more susceptible to malting. Using a makeup brush shampoo can make your brushes last longer, and generally they work better so the dirt comes out the brushes quicker, thus making the whole game a bit quicker.

Use dry cleaning products for when your on the go. 

Nobody wants to be cleaning their makeup brushes when your on holiday, for example if you need to reuse an eyeshadow brush, so you can get dry makeup cleaning products or sprays which allow you to clean your brushes without getting them wet. I have one and OMG I have never used something so amazing. Technically you can make your own too by using a bit of coarse foam or sponge. However they obviously won’t give your brushes a good cleaning and will only get rid of surface dirt.

Specialised tools.

Previously, I had seen mats or loves which you can use to clean your makeup brushes but I never got around to purchasing them. Luckily a company called The Brush Bar contacted me and offered to send me some products to help me clean my brushes. ITS LIKE THEY READ MY MIND. They sent me their Brush Bar and Brush Board to test them out and see whether I liked them or not.


Basically the Brush Board has six different sections to massage your brushes on to get the dirt out. Each section suits different brushes.  Then the Brush Bar is such a savvy piece of equipment which opens to reveal prongs and you can set your brushes in it to dry so that they dry to form their natural shape. This means your brushes don’t get damaged! There are loads of different types of boards from loads of different company’s and they are definitely worth the purchase as it makes your life so much easier!

You can find the Brush Bar and Board here!

What do you use to clean your makeup brushes?


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  1. This post helped me a lot! I’m also not the best at washing my brushes, but I definitely want to try these tips out. I just recently started a lifestyle blog and I would appreciate it so much if you guys would check it out! My latest post was about skin care. klementinekatie.com

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