How To Maintain An Instagram Theme


Sometimes you just find yourself scrolling through Instagram and looking at other people’s feeds in pure admiration. I used to find, and still do, that look at other bloggers themes is intimidating because they are just so damn pretty and they just look visually pleasing and perfect. I have tried a few themes, whether that is on my personal Instagram or my blogging Instagram and I have never really been content until now.

At the moment if you are following my Instagram (@emilyclarebeauty if you are not following it) I have a bit of a pink theme going on… if you couldn’t tell pink is my favourite colour. The only problem with a pink theme is that are so many other bloggers with pink themes that it is hard to be unique and different but you have to be. The way I started off my theme was to literally just use anything pink that I could find, and I still do that. I use a pink dress and pink sleeveless jacket I have has any backgrounds or fabric, I have pink sparkly card which I found at my Gran’s and pink ribbon which I had just lying around.

Before starting my theme I purchased the book ‘Capture Your Style’ by the amazing Aimee Song and it taught me a lot about Instagram, its algorithm and about themes. One way of sticking to a theme but changing it up a bit every now and then is to stick to the 12 photo method. This is when you post twelve photos of a specific colour or filter and then change it for another twelve and so on…. Popular YouTubers and bloggers like Zoella use this method and if I am honest I am really jealous to those who can pull it off. It is good for boosting your Instagram and getting it out there because you are refreshing your feed every now and then so you will attract different audience types each time.

If you want to go down the road of filters, and using different filters and photo settings to maintain a feed then I recommend the app VSCO. This has loads of really cool free filters and then you can also purchase more if you wish. It also had good and simple editing tools as well and I truly believe it is the best photo editing app out there. My fave is the C1 filter as it give a blue and high contrast style to your photo but it doesn’t look cringey it looks quite cool. You can google different VSCO themes for Instagram so you know what to use to get a certain style of feed.

However you can also create themes based on one colour theme or filter e.g mine is pink. Typically it is proven that blue themes do better than red toned themes but I think there is an exception for pale pink themes because they are visually pretty to look at. Single themes like this can be hard to stick to because you are constantly thinking ‘What can I take a photo of next’ because it is hard not to be repetitive if you aren’t super rich to buy new makeup products or clothes every week.

The best thing to do is to go onto Amazon or Ebay and get blog props that match your theme as they will be cheap and there is such a variety. I get my fake flowers on Amazon and my fairy lights. Another thing is to look on Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration but don’t copy it because you don’t want to be accused of plagiarism. Talk to others about their theme and get advice and go for a theme you KNOW you will be able to keep up for a long time because there is no point buying props specially for a theme if you stop after two posts.

Do you have a theme to your Instagram feed? If so what is it? 


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38 thoughts on “How To Maintain An Instagram Theme

  1. This was really really helpful..!! don’t have a theme for Instagram. I guess that is where I went wrong… I am still struggling with Instagram a bit.. But lets hope things get better. 🙂 BTW I am now following you on Instagram 🙂 😉 🙂

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  2. This is interesting coming from work and reading this . As a youtuber, new blogger and instagram frantic I must say it hard to maintain a theme a month a ago I made a decision to change my theme to more of a white and black theme and trust me when I have seen a change each time I go to my instagram and you tube I just love it and I don’t regret this decision . Reading your blog has made me think of writing about this because I get asked questions as well.
    I love your blogs as a new blogger I think many people should read this .

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  3. I love your Instagram theme, I think it’s beautiful! I always wanted to have a theme, but I would always have these pictures I really wanted to post that didn’t fit the theme and it made me sad, so I eventually killed my theme.

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  4. I absolutely love your instgram layout! Its so pretty and so clean!! I have been struggling with figuring out how i want to go about with mine. So far i have narrowed down to at least making sure all my pictures have equally spaced white frames around them. Had a tough time getting the right app to do that but finally got it. Besides that i dont know if i want to restrict myself to a colour theme because im afraid ill run out of things of those colors lol. But great tips, i guess practice makes us perfect and its all about hit and trial!


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  5. I like to stick to a colour theme for the content of my pictures. I watched a really good youtube video that suggested having three main colours, and two accent colours that make up the majority of your pictures. For example my main colours are blue, brown/yellow, and green because I live in a tropical beach environment! It’s an easy way to keep things consistent and looking like they belong together without limiting what you put on your insta.

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      1. I used to. A lot. Then I stopped. They’ve never really generated traffic.. I’ve actually deleted a lot of content from my instagram now as well. I am slowly but surely giving up 😧

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      2. If your profile is on private then hashtags won’t generate any traffic as your post won’t be seen under the tag, however if your profile is on public then maybe try similar use of hashtags to other bloggers!


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