My Man Explains What Makeup Is


I was browsing through Pinterest for blog post ideas (tip – if your stuck on ideas for anything blogging, Pinterest is a lifesaver!) and I came across Jennifer’s stunning blog ‘Barely There Beauty’ and she did a post like this.. so creds go to her and you can find her post here.

As I am quite the makeup junkie, wear makeup everyday and have so much of it I thought this blog post was very fitting. My boyf and I were actually walking through Boots yesterday and I was buying some more concealer and powder and I asked him, out of curiosity, if he knew what they did and he had NO clue. I told him that there was no googling allowed so I can test what he knows about makeup. So prepare to ~ LOL ~ until your sides split at this. Here’s what happened:


*Insert crying with laughter emoji*



I guess something you use first…? Not a clue.


Ahhhh that powder stuff you put on after primer. *At this point he also told me to stop laughing at him HAHA*


Is that what covers up like spots and stuff?


Powder? Like talcum powder? *Facepalms*


Bronzer is used to give your skin a tint of colour.


That’s used to define cheekbones. *That was a test of memory as I did tell him that yesterday in Boots*


Highlighter is used to highlight words or phrases, most commonly used in an English exam… Hahahaha joking, higlighter is used to highlight parts of your face…?


Blusher is used to make the cheeks look red.


Makes your eyelids look darker *Good try hun*


Isn’t eyeliner for your eyelashes to make them darker? *Wait for it…*


Wait no, isn’t mascara for your eyelashes to make them look darker? *LOL*


I know what lipstick is but I don’t know.


You put it on your lips to change the colour of them.


To make the makeup set? *I guess so…*


Is that what some people use to draw their really really thick eyebrows on? *Cannot breathe ahahahah*


This has to have bee one of my fave blog posts to write so far as it made me laugh so much. I dare you to try this with your partner, husband, boyf or even a boy best friend and try not laughing!

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