• ESSENTIAL Things To Know Before Your Start Blogging!

    The blogging industry is growing to be bigger and BIGGER every single day and it is crazy how it has become really popular. When I first started blogging I didn’t really know of anyone else who wanted to become a blogger or had any intentions of it, but now I almost get emails daily of people asking me about how I became a blogger, why, what I used… You get the idea.
    When I started blogging, as I have mentioned previously I had << NO CLUE >> about anything to do with blogging. There are so many ins and outs of blogging that you only really discover as you progress with your blog. It also depends on where you want your blog to lead you, whether you are just blogging as a habit, for it to possibly become a future career or just to earn a little bit of money, or to help you with school or uni work. The possibilities are endless but if you really want to MAKE it with your blog then you need to know the basic secrets of blogging.
    ~~ Time is EVERYTHING ~~
    Depending on whether you take your own photos, or use stock images or on the length of the blog post it all racks in a bit of time. When I take my photos I normally do it in large shoots which take me up to 3 hours because I just gets really messy, and then I edit my photos and then writing a post can take me from anything up to half an hour to an hour. You need to make sure you have enough time on your hands to blog because you don’t want to pile too much stress or tasks on to yourself.
    ~~ Unfortunately blogging is not free ~~
    You can find sites like WordPress.com or Tumblr to start a free blog on but there are HUGE limitations. ‘But Emily why are you saying that when you use WordPress.com?’ I do use WordPress.com but I have the premium membership which allows me more freedom… However I will talk about why I chose that rather than moving to a self hosted site in another blog.
    If you want a funky looking website with big design opportunities, your own web address and chances to monetize your blog then you will need to purchase all of this either like I did through WordPress.com or by having your own self hosted website. Themes for your website will cost around £40-£50 and then hosting that can cost up to £100 a year. It can become expensive, however this only really is the case for bloggers who want to make a career or a bit of money out of their blog. If you are just blogging for a hobby and aren’t necessarily into all the business side then you can use a site like WordPress.com and pay absolutely nothing!
    ~~ Patience is KEY ~~
    Gaining followers, raking up the views,  getting in contact or receiving things from brands does not happen overnight. This is one of the most important steps because a lot of people start blogging because they think they will earn lots of money, receive loads of goodies and become the next Zoella straight away. BUT IT IS OKAY TO NOT THINK LIKE THIS. In my first few months of blogging I only had 60 followers but I have been blogging for a year and a half now (WOW!!) and I have 4000 followers (DOUBLE WOW!!). If you are determined to succeed and stick to your blog then there is no reason why you won’t.
    ~~ Let’s talk copyright issues ~~
    On a more serious note, on side to blogging you –DEFO– do NOT want to fall into is the copyright side. Anyone can accuse you of stealing their content or ideas even if it wasn’t your intention or if you never have seen their profile before, it will happen. It can happen when using images from the internet too, by using things you thought were free stock images. That’s why I tend to take my own images… but also because I like to be creative. If you stick to your own niche then you will be perfectly fine!
    ~~ Learning the tech stuff ~~
    What is HTML coding? What is SEO? These are things which will help you succeed as a blogger, and more importantly will help you run your blog. They are tricky to get your head around, and I am still unsure about some bits because as I am on WordPress.com, it does it all for me (BONUS), however there are loads of online courses which are FREE to get you started and prepped.
    ~~ Social media will be your bff ~~
    It’s no secret that social media and blogging are related, and social media is going to be the best thing that can happen for your blog. Platforms like Twitter and Instagram are amazing for connecting with other bloggers, building a following and getting yourself and your content OUT THERE. It is pretty much a constant task with Instagram comment pods, or just loads of notifications 24/7 however I have made some cool friends through it who have taught me what I know about blogging today.
    This might seem really overwhelming and it will because I totally understand how it feels to be starting out in such a complex industry. It is a bit like being a rabbit in a headlight. However where do you think everyone started? Blogging has so many pros too including making friends, creating contacts with brands and industries, and sometimes it can act as a place to escape too.
    If you have any friends, family or pals you know are thinking of starting a blog then send them this because it will help them a great deal!
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    1. 21/08/2017 / 7:10 pm

      Great blog. You have done so well in such a small amount of time. Its the tech stuff i struggle with but i am improving every day lol x

    2. 21/08/2017 / 7:17 pm

      Thank you so much for this, this was some really great advice!! xx

    3. 21/08/2017 / 8:14 pm

      I enjoyed this post! Also, I started learning code at like ten, so playing around with it on this platform has been lots of fun… thank you!

        • 25/08/2017 / 5:01 am

          I nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award

            • 29/08/2017 / 7:11 pm

              Np. I was supposed to leave you a link, but I forgot….

    4. 21/08/2017 / 8:18 pm

      how do you get pictures from your camera to your laptop and if you use a cable, what is it called ? x

      • 24/08/2017 / 10:41 pm

        I just take my SD card out of my camera and put it into my laptop x

    5. 21/08/2017 / 9:39 pm

      This is really useful! I only started blogging a few weeks ago and I can be confusing to work everything out. Feels like most of it is trial and error sometimes but I’m definitely enjoying getting into it! x

      • 24/08/2017 / 10:40 pm

        Yes! Your first month or so blogging is like learning how to walk or something because it is a totally new aspect of life!

        • 24/08/2017 / 11:04 pm

          That’s so true! I’m loving it so far though

    6. 21/08/2017 / 10:33 pm

      It is also why I don’t switch to WordPress.org. It is so much extra work need to do already and still need to worry if the host work nice and any bugs on the site and more.
      You are amazing and you deserve it all! I am trying to improve my content and keep learning. I find it is hard to handle blogging and social media actively, but I will get used to it later. I just need some time. 😉

      • 24/08/2017 / 10:40 pm

        Exactly I so understand you! Social media is super hard and its mind blowing how temperamental it can be!

    7. 21/08/2017 / 10:34 pm

      Emily this is a wonderfully helpful and friendly post! Thank you for being so kind and sharing all your long collated knowledge! I definitely need to start getting a deeper understanding of the technical stuff for blogging. Oh and that last sentence! Yes, it is definitely my little escape 😊 Xx

      • 24/08/2017 / 10:39 pm

        Ellie! You’re words are so lovely thank you so much!! xx

        • 26/08/2017 / 9:40 am

          Awww, thank you lovely 🙂 and you are more than welcome! Xx

    8. 21/08/2017 / 11:22 pm

      This is such great advice! I’ve only been running my blog for a couple of months and still struggle to understand some things so this is super helpful. Your blog is great and I loved reading this post xx

    9. 21/08/2017 / 11:33 pm

      Beautifully written and so helpful! Almost like you were talking x

      • 24/08/2017 / 10:38 pm

        I try and make my post as chatty as possible to connect with everyone!

    10. 22/08/2017 / 12:32 am

      I love these new pieces of advice! They are really helpful. Thank you
      xx, Shreya
      My Travel//Lifestyle Blog:

    11. 22/08/2017 / 12:48 pm

      This is great! Im new myself to the whole blogging scene so this was really helpful and insightful. Thanks alot 😊 x

    12. 22/08/2017 / 5:35 pm

      thank you so much for sharing this and your experience!! i really got great information from this as a New Blogger myself 🙂 definitely using your tips to help me out as i start my blog.

    13. 22/08/2017 / 9:29 pm

      Its really helpful post!! Thankyou!! ☺️

    14. 22/08/2017 / 9:45 pm

      Your tips are super helpful. I have just started blogging and I saw this article at the perfect time. Thanks.

    15. 22/08/2017 / 10:26 pm

      Thank you this has helped me loads !!! X

    16. 24/08/2017 / 9:13 am

      Thank you, it is so helpful

    17. 28/08/2017 / 12:27 am

      Girllllllll this was literally needed. Thank you so much.

    18. 07/09/2017 / 3:54 am

      Well-written, concise, and easy to follow. Thank you for the tips!

    19. 12/09/2017 / 3:49 pm

      This was such a great post! 😀 I started my blog in July and am so determined to make it work! I love how you explained it in such a simple way! Much needed <3

    20. TechFlax
      24/09/2017 / 3:57 pm

      Thanks for sharing this.

    21. 03/10/2017 / 3:40 am

      Perfect time to read this. Literally just starting my blog as a platform to talk. Your advice is perfectly timed. Thank you!

    22. 22/10/2017 / 4:07 pm

      I’m new on here, this was really helpful!

    23. 30/12/2017 / 7:29 pm

      Really dig the advice. Looking at five months and only about 100 subs. But you’re right: it takes time.

      • 28/06/2018 / 4:36 pm

        Yeah I completely feel you I often have to go to my parents for help!

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