Blogs Which I Am LOVING Right Now

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One of my fave past times is reading other peoples blogs. I like to see everyone’s different ~ STYLES ~ what they write about and sometimes it is just good to read them if you want to relax or if you are looking for a bit of inspo. I did a similar post to this about Instagram and I actually really enjoyed creating that post and appreciating the Instagram accounts that I LOVE, so I thought it would be only fair to do it with some of my fave bloggers too. All these lovely ladies are *FAB* bloggers and if you haven’t checked them out already then what are you waiting for??

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I have just recently come across Faye’s Instagram and blog and I am obsessed. Her writing style is very chatty, and she has just done a catch up post which I enjoyed reading with a mug of hot chocolate in my hand. Another one of my favourite posts of hers is about her trip to Edinburgh because I \\ DREAM // of going to Edinburgh some day and I will defo take her advice about her trip when I go.




I came across Jemma’s blog when I first started blogging and I joined her Girl Gang group. This was a big turning point for me and my blog and it gave me security and made me feel special. And recently she followed me on Instagram and I have to admit I fan girled a little bit… EEK! Her photos are so lively and colourful and just put a smile on your face instantly and her blog is just goals with all her drawings. She is also a fellow Plymouth girl (like myself) and can we talk a moment to appreciate Jemma’s hair?!? ITS LUSH!




I also found Beth’s blog off of Instagram and I was drawn to start reading her blogs because she just seems the loveliest of people. Her blog is really chic and we have similar aesthetics and styles (before I changed my theme) which makes me even more drawn to read her blogs. They are very informative and creative which I love because it is different to any other blog you would read.




What I love about Natalie’s blog is that she uploads regularly so every other day you have brand new content to read. I liked her post about things to do at the weekend when you are on a budget. This was super helpful as I never seem to have any money so this post was a life saver! Also what I am obsessed with is that her theme is unique. I see a lot of bloggers with very similar themes. Don’t get me wrong they look beautiful, but its nice to see something different that stands out.

Go give these girls a follow if you aren’t already!

What blogs have you been loving lately? 


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