Hello Colour…


Like a lot of people my wardrobe contains a lot of black. Or grey’s and white for that matter. My go-to outfits are usually those that have minimal colour to them, not because of that but just because they are EASY to match. And because at the moment it is summer… Well… Is mean’t to be… I decided (better late than never) that I need to put a bit of vibrancy into my wardrobe and make it look less << DRAB >>.

Part of my inspo is this amazing wall art on Carnaby Street, London ~~ which is great for Instagram photos FYI ~~ because it is just so funky and cool. Adding colour to your wardrobe can be hard because some colours just don’t look right on you sometimes. And THAT’S OKAY. For example, I can’t get away with wearing hot pink. Whether that it lipstick or a top or a dress, it just washes me out.

I took a trip to one of the many Topshop’s on Oxford Street, but I went to the largest one and OMG IT WAS FAB. It had it’s own DJ, one of the ice cream stalls which mash up ingredients and scrape it off (you know from the videos on Facebook…) and its own Cafe, seriously it was goals. But I bought a few things there because it would have been a crime if I didn’t. This whole outfit, in the photo above, is all Topshop, which I didn’t mean to do but just turned out to be like it.

I wear a lot of stripy tops, mainly them being black and white so when I found — THIS TOP — I fell in love. It covers my obsession for stripes and is colourful. I love the combination of the royal blue and the pink neckline because they contrast well and make the top a little more girly. It is a really comfortable fit, being a bit on the looser side and I tucked a section at the front in because I thought it looked cool OKAY?

A very simple way of getting more colour into your wardrobe whilst being practical is just by wearing blue jeans rather than black jeans. A lot of the time you an swap the jeans and make the outfit work, even if if you are wearing a yellow top etc.. because contrasting colours are IN. My fave blue jeans are the — TOPSHOP MOTO BLUE SUPER RIP JAMIE JEANS — because they are really comfortable. Topshop do such a variety of jeans and I swear by them!

Finally, you can also swap your black and dark sunglasses for something chic and bold. For example I also picked up some new — ROSE GOLD SUNNIES — for a steal of £18 and I think they are the best sunglasses I have ever bought. They look really expensive and really posh but are a great way to get more colour and eliminate the black!

How do you try and add colour to your wardrobe?


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45 thoughts on “Hello Colour…

  1. Another great thing to do is vintage scarves! I’m a bit of a scarfoholic but seriously. I wear all black very often and run the risk of looking like a server in a restaurant or ULTA employee. That added pop of color is so very welcome just about every time I put clothes on.😅

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      1. My goodwill sells them for pretty cheap. I tend to go for really soft silk ones unless I’m obsessed with a design.. the vintage silk just feels really nice on my skin.
        I’d reccomend getting a colorful one and trying it out. At most it’s a $15 dollar experience after buying and dry cleaning it- unless you find a designer one. 😉

        I also resell vintage scarves, but I don’t like pushing my shop because it feels wrong to do that, but you’re more than welcome to take a peek for a few idea. :3

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