August Favourites 2017


I was really disappointed in myself last month when I FORGOT to do a favourites post because I have tried to do one each month so I was determined to do it this month. I have been loving some new things, old things, and non beauty related things this month which I thought I would share with you.

Firstly I have been ~~ LOVING ~~ a specific brand which is DECIEM. They are The Abnormal Beauty Company and from what I gather is they have different brands under their belt like The Ordinary. After seeing them all over Instagram I first got the << High-Spredability Fluid Primer >> as it was only £5.50!! It is so hard to describe what it feels like to apply to your face because when you blend the liquid in it almost feels like you are touching the softest fabric you have ever felt. Weird… I know.. but that is the best way I could describe it and it makes your makeup last really long. Secondly I have also been loving their foundation << Coverage Foundation in 2.0N >> again for only £5.90. It is quite a small bottle but I have been super impressed with it, however I won’t go into TOO MUCH detail as there will be a review out on it soon.

Also in regards to skin care, and I think I have mentioned this before, but I have been using the << Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Light >>. Because I have olivey skin, I can get away with using it under my eyes and it is so light weight and easy to blend that it shows up all my other concealers BIG TIME.

When I went away to London, I wore eyeshadow every day because you obvs have to look the part when you are walking through places like Chelsea and my go to palette was the << Tanya Burr Cosmetics My Escape Palette >>. This was simply because it is small so it is easy to take around and the colour went with anything I wore. The colour pay off is not amazing but sometimes I only wanted something subtle so it was good. To go with this I would wear the << NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Abu Dhabi >>. I. LOVE. THESE. SO. MUCH. ENOUGH. SAID. They have good pigmentation without making your lips dry.

Unusually I have been wearing << Zoella’s Bake My Day Body Mist >> as my every day perfume. I wanted to shake things up and start wearing it because it is going into autumn and I am PREPARED. It smells so delicious but what sucks is that you can’t buy it from the shops any more. *CRY*

Finally, my last fave for August which is not beauty or fashion related is the Netflix series << 13 Reasons Why >>. I am not an owner of Netflix but I got the free trial and decided to binge watch this series because so many of my friends raved about it. AND OH MY GOD IT WAS SO WORTH IT. I think I watched 7 hours of it one day which is so bad but it was so worth it!!

What have you been loving this month?


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