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    Whether you are celebrating your one month anniversary with a new girl, or your fifteenth wedding anniversary with your wife, buying anniversary gifts can be a hard task because trying to put your thoughts into their mind space can be tricky as lets face it ~ girls can be picky ~. Coming from a girl, I have thought of some gifts which you can get either on a budget or if you want to push the boat out a bit which your partner will LOVE and really appreciate. So chaps or girls listen up and here are some ideas…
    << Their Fave Perfume >> You can’t go wrong with buying your g a new bottle of their fave perfume as you know they will like it and use it, or you can take a risk and buy a perfume that you think they will like. Just casually drop into convo what they like in a perfume and go from there. If you are really stuck, then Marc Jacobs is a vV good choice!
    << A Handmade Gesture >If you want to melt hearts on your anniversary you can decided to make a gift for your partner. Not only does this save money if you are on a budget, but you can make it really personal rather than just buying something from a shop. For example you could print out photos* that mean a lot to you and your partner and make a collage or scrapbook. This is more time-consuming but it is definitely worth it.
    << Some New Makeup >> If your girl doesn’t wear makeup then you can skip this step but if she does then carry on. Girls LOVE receiving makeup as it does make life A LOT easier. However there is so many brands and types of makeup it could get confusing. It might be a bit embarrassing, but go to a makeup counter and just ask. The lovely staff will be so helpful and you will come out with your mission accomplished. I recommend trying out Spectrum Collection brushes or a high-end brand like Urban Decay or Bobbi Brown… Eyeshadows are a safe bet….!
    << A Glitzy Watch >> Watches are a staple in any girls accessory box and you can never have enough, because the more you have the more you can match with different outfits. You can get cheap ones that look expensive, or you can get a girls dream watch and get them an Olivia Burton watch. They are absolutely bloody GAW-GE-OUS.
    << How About Some Sunnies >> Like with the watch you can never have too many pairs of sunglasses. Rose gold sunglasses are on trend and is on every girls current wish list because they are just so dreamy, and you can get them in TopShop for as little as £18 or Ray Bans do some good ones too, so you can take your pick!
    << Anything Lush >> You can treat your girl to a nice relaxing evening, with a glass of champagne and a nice hot bath and some Lush treats. You can get lost in Lush admittedly, however bath bombs are always a hit, the same with bubble bars. Or Lush do pre-made gifts ranging at different prices, which covers the present and wrapping it up so it will save you a lot of time! I would recommend the bath bomb ‘Sex Bomb’ or ‘Intergalactic’ if you want the perfect gift!
    I hope this blog post has given you an idea of what to get!
    What did you last receive on an anniversary or what did you get your girl?
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