My Autumn To-Do List


34 thoughts on “My Autumn To-Do List

  1. Definitely try the costa orange hot chocolate when it comes out! It was my favourite last year. It is literally like a melted chocolate orange. I totally agree with you, primary have the best bargains around this time, some of my favourite autumn pieces are from there and have lasted me a few years xx

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  2. Im constantly writing to do lists so posts like this are so satisfying. I hope you manage to complete all the goals you have planned! Also goodluck with your driving test, I’ve just started taking my lessons and I know how difficult it is so I wish you all the luck in the world 🙂 xx

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  3. COSTA yes I’m painfully excited!!! I don’t even like coffee but hot chocolate is glorious 🙂 Also I want to go trick-or-treating just for a laugh 🙂 And Lush!!! I need to go to one near me and stock up 😀

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  4. Sounds like you’re being very organised by creating set goals in advance 🙂 I passed my driving test a year and a half ago and was just interested in how it is changing?? Loved reading this kind of post xx

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