Bringing The Berry Lipsticks Out



Not only is autumn my favourite time of the year because you can bring your wooly jumpers out and wear them in public without being frowned upon because it s august or something, but it is also because of the changes in LIPPY. Lipstick is a HUGEEEE part of autumn and if you deny it then I just have no words. I probably actually wear lipstick in autumn more than any other time in the year because the autumn lipstick shades match my skin the best.

In Spring you get all the baby and rose-pink lipsticks, or the occasional bright pink lip but because my skin has yellow and olive undertones it just washes me out and is a BIG NO NO. Summer is alright as I can get away with the odd orange or red lip, the same with christmas but when autumn comes around I am just like ‘HELLO YOUR GORGE BERRY LIP!’. (can you tell I am slightly excited..)

So, yes, basically my autumn lipstick collection will be berry, berry berry and more berry. I haven’t purchased any new lippy’s yet as I am on a strict spending ban lately ~ apart from the domino’s I bought last night but we all know pizza is necessary ~ however I do in tend on try out some new and higher end autumn inspired lipsticks this season.

I have a fairly sizable berry or dark lip collection, mainly full of liquid lipsticks, hence why I want to venture into actual lipsticks this year. But why are berry lips so important to have in your makeup bag during autumn? This is actually a tough question but the purple and red tones in the lipstick go really well with all the colours you would relate to autumn, hence why I think if you wear a berry lip in summer it just looks a bit odd.

Berry lips can be a bit << OUT THERE >> as they can be bold but you can get different shades within the berry category that will suit you and what you like. For example if you want something less dark but still edging on the dark raspberry shade then the NYX Soft Matte Liquid Lipstick in Monte Carlo. It is deep pink that even me, with olive skin, can get away with and it apply’s so smoothly.

Or you can go for the full show and get a dark purple lip like the Maybelline Colour Sensational 757 Naked Brown. I nearly cried when I found out they don’t sell this shade anymore, however you can get a dupe in liquid lipstick from Sleek which is the Matte Me Liquid Lipstick in Vino Tinto. This is a very dark red wine shade of lipstick which does have quite a thick consistency but it is a gorgeous colour. It isn’t drying on the lips either which is really good.

Another autumn lip colour which is a little less bold than the dark lip shade, is a nude/brown. I will be sticking to my trusty Mac Kabuki Magic Liquid Lipstick in Sweet Thing. It is crazy because it looks like a really pale pink lipstick but after it dries it turns a pinky brown nude on the lips which is supppppper pigmented and doesn’t budge all day. Nudes are a good way of dressing up your make up in autumn to look chic but not clash with all the pretty colours around you.

What lipstick will you be wearing in autumn?


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34 thoughts on “Bringing The Berry Lipsticks Out

  1. I honestly wear dark colors are year round lol. I usually wear L.A.X and Rooch by Colour pop, but I’ll incorporate Alien by NYX into autumn, as well as Matt Matt 03 by Essence Cosmetics. I love a good berry lip color.


      1. Oh really? how so? I dont really buy lip products all that often because I’m too lazy to keep reapplying throughout the day 😛 I’m trying to wear more though so I’m hoping to expand my collection!

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