£2 Makeup Sponges?!


I don’t know about you but I do love a good bargain as I seem to be on a budget 100% of the time, so when I can find a good little dupe or absolute steal I just have to share it with you guys. YOU ARE WELCOME IN ADVANCE. When makeup sponges ~ or the beauty blender ~ came out I was just getting into makeup, e.g using my fingers to blend foundation, and I wasn’t understanding why people were spending a heap load of money for a sponge. And I have never splashed the cash on one because unfortunately it is out of my budget for a blender.

I am defo a makeup sponge kinda girl rather than a makeup brush. I have flicked in between the two and I probably will carry on to, but right now a sponge is my go to tool. I was thinking of trying the silicone blender that went through a CRAZY popular stage earlier this year (I think) but I feel like I am a tad late to jump on that train…

Anyway about 4 months ago I happened to find a pack of 4 makeup sponges in Primark for a right deal of £2.50. At the time I was using my EcoTools beauty blender brush thing but it was breaking, so I needed a replacement. Of course I was a bit apprehensive over it because at the end of the day it wasn’t going to be as good as the actual beauty blender is made out to be, but it was worth a try.

As you get three different sized sponges you can use them for a variety of products. DID YOU KNOW you can use makeup sponges for powder product too like baking – not just liquid products. I used the largest pink blender to apply my foundation, the two orange ones to apply my concealer (one for my under eye concealer and one for my normal concealer) and the smaller yellow sponge for cream eye products!

Surprisingly they are actually very long-lasting. I have washed mine a few times in the times I have used it, obvs not as much as I should because I am just lazy, but they dry out fairly quickly and they haven’t deteriorated. I have just purchased new ones as my older ones are starting to build up product and it is time to just change them. but lets face it, they aren’t very expensive to replace.

The foundation one is very good at blending all your foundation out, and quickly as well, so you aren’t sat there for five minutes just blending in your foundation on your cheek. You are supposed to dampen your beauty blender before you use it, which means you use less of your foundation and blends it more evenly, however if you are like me and forget to sometimes, you still get a good result.

I love the concealer one because it is the perfect size to fit in all those cracks and crevices and around the eye. You might be a bit confused about me using the yellow one for cream eyeshadow but it blends it out really easily giving the dream smokey eye! You would have never of thought it!

I think these beauty blenders are an actual steal of a deal and if you want something cheap and on budget then get these as you won’t regret it.

Do you prefer a makeup sponge or brush?


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25 thoughts on “£2 Makeup Sponges?!

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