The Yellow Jumper

Jumpers is where Autumn is at. Jumper season is in full swing and I am L-O-V-I-N-G it already. If I could have a whole wardrobe dedicated to jumpers then I certainly wouldn’t say no. Every year new weird, wacky or simple jumpers come out, for example Zara are doing jumpers with pom poms on in all different colours – how cool does that sound?!



But I want to talk about << THIS JUMPER >> from Primark. You heard me right, this stunning yellow piece is from Primark and was only £13. It has a ribbed pattern in it and the back is slightly longer than the front, with slits in the side. Sometimes you can get really itchy woolen jumpers which you buy and then end up not wearing because it is too uncomfortable. However this one is super soft and is very wearable. It has a higher circular neck line so if you don’t like the classic turtle necks but want something that isn’t low then this is perfect.



Don’t even get me started on the colour. Retro is in and the autumn colours are of course blooming. As I suit autumn colorus the best this yellow jumper doesn’t wash me out and is very in trend.



But I chose to match the jumper with << THESE JEANS >> which are my old fave, Jamie Jeans, from Topshop. I recently had to buy some new non-ripped jeans for college, and I couldn’t find any inexpensive jeans that fitted me the way the Jamie jeans do. So I had to get another pair. They have an amazing stretch in them, but aren’t jeggings, so still look like regular jeans. They also have a really high waist line which I love. I only tend to wear high waist jeans because of insecurities, and because I like how they don’t fall down when I am trying to go up the stairs (Ha ha). The Jamie jeans are the highest of the high wasit jeans around at the moment so they are a true blessing.



As for the scarf, it matched my outfit perfectly, and I love how the yellow and blue match to create a different autumnal outfit, but I have to be honest and it is my friend Josie’s who let me borrow it simply because it went so well. The boots, I so wish were Timberlands, but are in fact also Primark, which I got last year for only £12. They are the perfect autumn walks type of boot and it means you do’t have to fork out £100 either.



I want to thank my friend Rosie for being my amazing photographer, and driving us down to the woods as we were too lazy to walk!

Have you got your jumpers out yet?


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17 thoughts on “The Yellow Jumper

  1. I LOVE the colour, yellow is something that I steer WAY away from, but I’ve been seeing it everywhere this season! I might invest in a mustard jumper/jacket and go from there haha! Loved the post! xx

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