The Autumn Eye Essentials


The time of year I really go wild with the eye makeup is Autumn. Why? Because I love all the coppers, the oranges and the reds and they really suit my skin colour and hair colour. I can never get away with silvers, or pinks in spring like some people can, so this is the time of year I really go all out with the eye makeup.

With an autumn eye look, you have to makeup it look good. Because the colours are very bold any mistakes stand out like a sore thumb…. I see you mascara smudges… In the summer I don’t tend to wear eye shadow because its hot, and I end of wiping it off or sweating it off, and who wants to bother with makeup at the beach? These are the things that I think are ESSENTIAL when doing an autumn eye shadow look.


Copper Everything

Copper is my colour. It doesn’t wash me out and it just screams autumn. The glitter in it will make your eye pop, whilst giving it depth if you use it in your crease.

Double Up The Mascara

In summer, I didn’t wear a lot of mascara because it just wears off quicker, but in autumn, if you really want to make your eye look, look perfect then using multiple layers of mascara will finish it off. I don’t like falsies for everyday because ~~ I just haven’t got the time ~~ so just buy putting on a little more mascara you can get bold and professional looking lashes.

Wing That Liner

I am one of those people who is scared to do eyeliner on a daily basis in case I mess up. I have tried everything from the spoon technique to different types. I now have found one which I am addicted to and it helps me make my look more professional. Because autumn eye looks tend to be smokey, and dark, the eyeliner makes it crisp and neatly finished.


Smudge It Out…

Autumn is the season for smokey eyes. If you don’t do them often then you don’t need to worry because it is so easy to do and you will look really trendy. You don’t even have to use multiple shades – you can just swipe a shade across you lid, grab a brush and blend, blend, blend!

… And Glitz It Up

Autumn and Winter always have to have a bit of sparkle in it! Who doesn’t love a bit of glitter to brighten a look up?! You can pop it in the corner of your eye to make you look more away or add a bit on top of your look to give it that WOW factor!!

What eye makeup are you digging this autumn?


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27 thoughts on “The Autumn Eye Essentials

  1. I also suit warm tone colours more than cool tone as I have olive skin and dark hair and I think that a copper and brown eye works better with my skin colour than a silver eye! Xx

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