• My Week In Numbers #2

    I did this blog post last month after seeing it on Pinterest (my life saver of a website) and I said I would try and do it every week…. Well lets say that idea hasn’t been carried out but never late than never! Lots of you loved the idea and if you didn’t see the first post then basically I just recap my week in terms of numbers. A bit different right?! If you like this idea then leave a mini version of your week in numbers below in the comments!
    // 4… \\ Minors on my practical driving test WHICH I PASSED. I know it’s a bloody MIRACLE and I was pretty speechless afterwards. I am now driving around and I just can’t believe the freedom. It is the best feeling evaaaaaa.
    // 10… \\ Miles driven on Tuesday night with my friends Georgie and Anna because Georgie also now drives so we went for our first McDonalds trip altogether.
    // 20… \\ (roughly) Sweets given out to all the little trick or treats on Halloween.
    // 8… \\ Of us had a little Costa trip on Thursday to test out the new Costa Winter menu. This is when Christmas starts to kick in for realllll!
    // 5000+… \\ People served at work on Friday night because it was firework night at the place I work (aka the busiest night of the year).
    // 1000… \\ Metres ~~ 1 km ~~ run on the treadmill at the gym on Wednesday. It took me about 6 minutes, followed by a new personal best at the leg press machine of 97kg. Whoop whoop!
    // 27… \\ Points scored by my brothers rugby team making them win the game today. I took photos of the team however I think I nearly caught hypothermia as it was freeeeeeeeezinggg.
    It is also bonfire night tonight, so if you are going to watch any displays or light any sparklers then I hope you have lots of fun and stay safe!
    How was your week… in numbers?
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    1. 05/11/2017 / 9:07 pm

      Hey! Well Done on passing your driving test!!!! I think your blog and photos are beautiful, do you use camera in particular or just your phone? Phoebe xo

    2. 06/11/2017 / 6:09 am

      What a different concept, I like it. Congratulations on getting your license! My week consisted of: one class assignment, one class group presentation completed. Six hours of work completed at one of my favorite coffee shops, three hours of photography completed, three hours dedicated to a blog post completed, two hours spent at a local festival with a friend and three and a half hours spent at church.

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