Blog Props That Will Make Your Photography STUNNING


One thing you don’t think too much about when you start blogging is blog props, because in actual facts you would have been like ‘WhatttttTTT?!’. My first photo was taken against my bedroom wall with some fairy lights hooked up by a nail, glamorous I know, and now I pick my blog props so precisely and have a whole box full of them.

Blog props basically just give your photo a little bit more detail and can help emphasize a theme, or add a bit more something something to your photo. I AM A HOARDER of blog props as I change my mind SO often about which ones I like. For example for autumn, I started using a circular bit of wood that my Dad cut for me, but now I don’t use it as it is going into winter. If you want to make your photos look more professional, chic and simply BEAUT then try out these props:


When I first started using flowers in my photos, I went for the classic fake flowers because they are cheap and obvs reusable. Now I am totally against them for my photos because the ones I have look a little bit tacky. I am A MAHOOOSSSIVE fan of gypsophila (the tiny white flowers that is seen in like every single photo of mine) because it’s so dainty and only £2 a bunch from good ol’ Tesco.


Books, especially ones by others bloggers, is a great blog prop because you can use pages from it or the book itself – like Capture Your Style by Aimee Song – and it spreads a little team internet love.


This is one which not too many people actually do, but I totally rate it as it is unique. You can go to any home store, or interior place and buy one large tile, and you can use it to place items in your photo on. I have a blue and grey tile with a mosaic pattern on from a friend, and then I have the grey one in the photo above which I got for only £2 in tiger!


Tiny little rings, or a necklace can add elegant touches to a photo and make them photo come together well. As do sunglasses, as they can bring colour schemes together.


I have magazines after magazines piled up on my bedroom floor as I am constantly using them in photos. I like to use the pages with just writing on to give the photo a background, and I found them useful when I had my red Instagram theme last month, because it was a way of having the red in the photo without any red objects.

A good ol’ cuppa

Especially in these colder months which we are going into, a cup of tea or coffee is quite fitting for any photo, especially if you really want to give off some amazing ‘cozy af’ vibes.

Trinket Trays

You can’t beat a tiny trinket tray or some old crockery to place items in your photo on. In the summer I used a cute gold pineapple tray, and I have my eyes peeled on a rose gold one because how amazing would that look?!

Nail Varnishes + Makeup Brushes

When I am doing a beauty post, I like to add some nail varnishes or makeup brushes to the equation because they to me are the minor details that pull a photo together. Don’t go too OTT with them though our else you won’t be able to tell what your blog post is featuring.

What blog props do you LOVE?


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