Winter Coat Loving


I do not need anymore coats. I have more coats than I do socks probably because I have sort of just collected them over the last two years or so. I never wear them all because once I find a new coat that I love I won’t stop wearing it. That doesn’t stop me from being more – ASOS order I will see you Monday….

My style can be quite different from some people’s but I think its because I luuuuuuuv fashion and I don’t care what others think. For example, I am sat here writing about fashion sat in a jumper that has lime green faux fur on the shoulders. So when the aviator came out it was different and I adored it.

One jacket that is one of my faves in my collection is my aviator jacket. Hear me out on this one… I bought this jacket from Primark for a BaNgInG £30 back in August #prepared. And once I had bought it and started wearing it EVERYONE was catching on the trend. Trend setter or what?! I am joking of course, but I got the jacket for a bargain.


The aviator jacket has been in every shop going this autumn and winter, and you need to get your hands on one. Why?? One, it is super warm. Most of them are faux fur-lined making it perfect for the winter season – not to mention faux fur is very on trend with winter an I am loving it. Two, the whole biker rocker look is different to every day where and is perfect to match with any outfit.

I really like the details, such as the faux leather belt. Most of the time I wear the jacket I wear it undone, so I leave the belt hanging loose. However I have also worn it done up when I went to watch rugby and seri thought it was -10ºC. It is easy to wear with layers underneath, for example I had my yellow jumper on underneath, which was snug and warm.


As I said above, mine was £30 from Primark, and I am not too sure whether they still sell them, however if you want something more high-end I know Topshop do faux leather ones. Mine is primarily made out of suede, so isn’t too practical for the rainy weather we often experience in the UK, however I dress to impress not the weather ha ha!

What coats have you got for this winter?!


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