How I Use Pinterest On A Daily Basis


If I could scream it from the mountain tops I would because “I LOVE PINTEREST SO SO MUCH”. If you have been reading my blogs for a while you might know that because I have mentioned it a few times before. Pinterest for me is like a life-saver. I do rely on it quite heavily, for all sorts of different reasons and if you don’t have it then WHATAREYOUDOINGWITHYOURLIFE!

FYI ~ This post is not #spon by Pinterest I just love it if you can’t tell.

All jokes aside – I do think that if you don’t have Pinterest you should download it this minute and give it a go because even if it’s just for fun, it is so different to any other social media outlet, and can help you be really productive.

All you do, once you have made an account, is scroll through different categories by searching them e.g cake recipes and the you pin the photo to your board. You can make loads of boards – I like to have ones for different topics and you can pin items to your heart’s content. I use Pinterest every day for multiple reasons such as…:

Blog post inspo

Blogmas this year has been a bit of an ass to organise and think about because I did most of the stereotypical blogmas posts last year and I wanted to do something a bit more classy but still Christmassy – so good old pinterest helped with some blog post ideas *HINT HINT Keep any eye out for Friday so you can read the first blogmas post!*

Photo goals

Like the blog post inspiration, I always have a good search for photo inspiration. OF COURSE I don’t copy photos, I AIN’T LIKE THAT, however I often pin ones I like so I can get an idea of colours, themes and blog props.

Fashion coursework boost

The fashion course I am currently studying is 100% coursework and we have to produce book work for each module. It is hard to come up with ideas for each book when you have 12 of them to produce, so often I just have a look on Pinterest for how people have laid out their books. I am also in the process of changing my style. Before my book had to be neat, and nothing falling out and the pages were nicely decorated. But Pinterest has inspired me to be a bit looser with my creativity and just go wild.

Holiday planning

Next year, before I go to university my friends and I want to go on holiday – preferably interrailing so by pinning photos related to it actually motivates me to save up for it because it will not be cheap ha ha! It also makes me want to go literally everywhere!

Daily outfit help

Going to college everyday in a different outfit is a pain in the neck because you need to look stylish but not OTT. I hate going in the same boring combos all the time, but pinterest helps me shake things up a bit!

Blogging tips

I have gained a fair few followers since I have started blogging, however I am nowhere near a pro blogger and I use Pinterest all the time for blog help and things like that because I have such a long way to go with my blog.

Recipe galore

Legit every recipe that you could every want is on Pinterest. From baking, to meals to cocktail recipes it is literally endless. Even the weirdest most wackiest recipe you could think of it probably on there!

Do you use Pinterest?


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14 thoughts on “How I Use Pinterest On A Daily Basis

  1. Such a great post! I’m right there with you on loving Pinterest. It’s honestly one of the few apps I’ve used consistently for YEARS. There’s just so much on it, I could spend hours on hours just scrolling through all the pins!

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