Blogmas’ You NEED To Be Reading!



Blogmas really gets me excited for Christmas. It is very hard work, blogging for 25 days straight but it just gives me those festive vibes and I do love it really. But the thing I absolutely A-D-O-R-E about blogmas is reading everyone else’s blogmas posts. “EWW that is sooooo cliche!” yeah yeah blah blah blah Christmas is about giving and sharing and spreading the luvvvv so here are some blogmas’s that you need to be reading and if you aren’t then get your butt over to their sites NOW!

Sage Olivia

I have been following Sage’s blog for a while when I found out she was doing blogmas I was beyond over the moon. I love her cute little banner she has going on for Christmas and today’s post was all about her Christmas shopping OOTD and I am just loving her choice of top! LEGIT GOALS.

Natalie Leanne

Okay so I don’t think Natalie is exactly doing blogmas but her two posts this month already have got me feeling like I just want to sing ‘ALLLL I WANT FOR CHRISTMASSSSS ISSSSSSS YOUUUUUUUU” because they are true festive posts. She is also doing vlogmas on her Youtube Channel which I have been watching with a mug of hot choc.

Dizzy Brunette

I first came across Corrie on the good ol’ Instagram because her pink theme in her photos is just heavenly! I tried and failed with the pink theme so I am well jel! Anyway so far she has had some cracking posts including one dedicated to 6 FREE festive phone backgrounds, I have mine set up already!

Anna Can Do It

I really admire Anna because she is going for the full 31 days of blogmas! I wish I had the strength to do that but after Christmas day I probably would have eaten way too much to move off the sofa to take photos and put up a blog not even lying. On today’s post she made a wreath and TBH I think I might have a go and make one too because she made it look so simple yet pretty. Thanks Anna!

Katie Middleton

Katie’s blog is 1) really very pretty and just visually pleasing but 2) her blogmas posts so far are so informative, chatty and from reading her post yesterday I really want the Yankee Candle!!

Laura Simone

Laura has really upped the blogmas game among all us bloggers because she has only gone and made effin’ MINCE PIE BROWNIES. M.I.N.C.E.P.I.E.B.R.O.W.N.I.E.S!! I am going to have to try these out some time this december as they look too good not too!

Taylor Jane

A few days ago I was having a browse and I found Taylor’s Lush Haul for Christmas, which reminded me to order some stuff from Lush myself, but her blogged look to good not to give a follow. She has also gone and done a beauty advent calendar post which really puts my chocolate one to shame….

Leave the link to your Blogmas’ below and tag a blogmas post you loved reading! Spread the blogmas love!


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