Visiting A Christmas Market





Today my boyf and I decided it would be cool to go to our local Christmas market in Plymouth just for a wonder, see what was on offer and just have a gander. And it was BEAUT. Christmas markets just give me all the vibes and it has made me that extra more festive. Next year I am going to make it my ultimate goal of 2018 to visit the Edinburgh Christmas market as it simply looks the BEST.

At the market was a variety for stalls full of jewellery, drink, stocking fillers and of course the food stalls were the best. I actually had pizza chips which were not only filling but Vv delicious, and Gaz had a yorkshire pudding wrap with basically a roast dinner in it. Yes that thing that has been floating around on Facey-B… It looked really good tbf.

I didn’t pick up any Christmas shopping, mostly because I did it all the other day and because I was too busy stuffing my face. The stalls were really cute with baubles draped over them and loads of twinkling fairy lights everywhere it was so cool.

I really recommend going to a Christmas market and I think they would look so pretty at night too with all the lights around. If you need something to get you in the Christmas spirit then where you at??

Have you been to a Christmas market this year??


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15 thoughts on “Visiting A Christmas Market

  1. Ugh wow, seriously I’m really jealous. I’ve never been to a Christmas market. My town is really small so not sure if they even have one in my area 😣 I would love to go though, especially to spend that time with your boyfriend sounds perfect ❤

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