Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate!



Are you or are you not drooling over this right now?! I mean come on as far as hot chocolates go you have to admit it looks pretty spectacular. A bit of a spectacular mess but hey ho! As it is the season for hot chocolates and it is SO cold outside at the moment (it is legit been snowing in the UK today which is RARE) I think hot chocolates are a NECESSARY. But why not mix them up and have something different?!

I was searching on Pinterest my bae for ideas and recipes and I saw a salted caramel one and my stomach was like GIVEMETHATNOW. I love caramel if you didn’t realise. But my friend Rosie and I did our own recipe really and just played around to get the sweet treat that we did.

Makes: 2 | Prep Time: 5 mins | Difficulty: Vvv Easy

What you shall need to make this heavenly drink:

  • 500ml of milk
  • 85g of chocolate chips
  • 2tsps of hot chocolate powder
  • Good helping of caramel/toffee sauce
  • Squirty cream
  • Sea Salt Flakes

Basically this easy peasy recipe doesn’t take very long at all and all you need to do is heat the milk up in a pan but don’t let it boil. Just keep it at a good drinking temp on a low to medium heat. Once it has heated up slightly add the chocolate chips and the caramel sauce.

I bought a bottle of caramel sauces in Tesco, I think its one you put on ice cream but it does the job, or you can make you own using a recipe online. Basically here I just did two big squirts of it, you don’t want too much or else it will be too sweet.

I also ended up adding a bit of hot chocolate powder just to make sure it wasn’t too milky (as I don’t like the taste of milk) and to make it richer in colour.

Then I just added the squirt cream… NO ME AND ROSIE DIDN’T EAT IT BEFORE EITHER… Okay maybe we did, but who wouldn’t?! To finish it off and make it look all pretty we added the caramel sauce and a bit of chocolate powder. If you want to makeit 100% salted caramel then you can add some sea salt flakes on top or mix it in with the milk. Before I managed to get the photo the cream did melt a lot so it doesn’t look as good as it was before but it still tasted amazing.

Have you ever made a funky hot chocolate?


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