My Gym Routine



I go to the gym. Believe it or not I do go at least once a week which is not brill but it is better than nothing. When I am there I actually there I do enjoy it because I can put my music on and just get on with it. I am SO competitive with myself when I go to the gym and I love smashing PB’s. I have been gymming it since about a year and a half ago, and I started doing weights this time last year. I had NOOOOO clue what I was doing and literally did the leg press and the shoulder one and that’s it. I did way more cardio then as well because I knew how to use the machines.

Now I do way more weights and only about 10 minutes of cardio. I want to focus on building muscle and making my body look more toned. I also don’t measure myself using scales. I completely ignore those numbers because MUSCLE is heavy and if I am trying to build my muscle up I will not be losing weight.

If you go to the gym and have no idea what to do, then this is my routine. I am not a fitness instructor at all, I have no clue what I am doing, I have just picked things up along the way but it gives you some sort of idea.

I start with 10 minutes of cardio either running or on the cross trainer at a high intensity level.

I then rest for a bit and get my breath back because I am so SO unfit.

Then I move onto the weight machines and do the following (obvs start at weights you feel comfortable at and progress slowly). I do 3 set of 7 reps on the weights:

  • 115kg Leg Press #proud
  • 50kg Hip Abductor
  • 21kg Chest Press
  • 20kg Shoulder Press
  • 50kg Seated Leg Curl
  • 45kg Rower

Then I move onto a little routine I have made up which I change up a bit each month so I don’t get too used to it and to work out different parts of my body. I do three sets of the routine. This includes:

  • 7 reps of squats using a 13kg bar
  • 10 reps of deadlifts using a 13kg bar
  • 7 reps of lunges (on each leg) using a 13kg bar
  • 20 ball twists using a 4kg medicine ball

I am planning to put that up to a 15kg bar as I reckon I can do that.

Do you go to the gym??




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