My Week In Numbers #3



2017 is going SO FAST. I can’t get my head around how fast the year has gone to be honest. This is now my third blog post for ‘My Week in Numbers’ because tbh I just love the idea of it and so do you guys! I haven’t had too busy of a week but I know this week coming is going to be absolutely HECTIC and even though I love december because it is my birth month and of Christmas but it is just so busy. If you would like my to do this kind of post but to round up the whole year then let me know in the comments below.

// £100+… \\ Spent on my friends, fam and boyf birthday and Christmas present when I went shopping with my mum. I love shopping for other people as it just make me so happy!

// 12… \\ Hours at work this week pulling pints to all the locals and rugby players, I do genuinely love my job.

// 10.. \\ Days I have already opened on my advent Calendar. I have a Thorntons one this year because my grandparents really pushed the boat out.

// 2… \\ Episodes of Holby City which left me EMOTIONALLY SCARRED. Of course I am joking but they were very sad.

// 1… \\ Amazing salted caramel hot chocolate with my friend Rosie, which you can find the recipe for here.

// 9… \\ In the evening on Wednesday was when I went to watch Liam Gallagher play which was absolutely ccrrrAAZZyyyy.

// 6… \\ Yummy mince pies consumed that my boyf gave me from his family bakery to get us in the Christmas spirit.

// ½… \\ A shirt dress that has been made in fashion this week and I am hoping to finish it by the end of this week!

Let me know your week in numbers below!


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