Lush 2017 Christmas Haul



This has to be my most exciting blog post for blogmas. ITS ONLY THE FREAKING LUSH CHRISTMAS HAUL!! I think enough said…. You have to know about my Lush addiction, if you don’t then you are either a new follower (would love it if you could follow babes) or have you been living under a rock?! I am joking of course but I do love my Lush FYI. Although I have tried not to go OTT this year and spend at least £100 like last year…. WhOoPs…

So the first thing I got was the classic Golden Wonder Bath Bomb. I have said this story before but I will just briefly say it again but it was the first ever bath bomb I tried from Lush and I have bought at least one every year since then. It is shaped like a gold present and turns your bath this glittery teal colour – which is BEAUT – and it smells amazing. It is a hugggeeeee bath bomb so you defo get good bang for your buck. Although I always struggle to pin down what it smells of. It is very citrus-sy smelling (if that is a word) but also quite fresh – but it is still Christmassy don’t you worry!

Next on the list of bath bombs is the Luxury Lush Pud. Again another classic which is a warm smelling bath bomb which is a colourful Christmas pudding look alike. But also because it has Ylang Ylang oil in it there is just that hint of freshness to it. I can’t wait to use it when I need a good relaxing bath as it has Lavender in it so will be PERFFFFECT.

I didn’t get any more classic bath bombs as I was on a budget and I wanted to try some of the new products they have released this year…. RIP candy mountain maybe I will get you next year…. So the first newbie I chose was the Christmas Sweater Bath Bomb. This bath bomb has such a different smell to any other Lush bath bomb. SO DIFFERENT. But a good difference… It smells like a mix between the Lush Fizzbanger Bath Bomb and Ginger. It is very Christmassy, so if you like traditional Christmas smells then

The last bath bomb on my list and another new one is the Thundersnow Bath Bomb. This again, a very different scent but I think I like it! It is a combo of chocolate/vanilla/mint. Very much like Intergalatic but with a sweeter almost cake smell to it. It doesn’t look the exact same to the photo on the internet but I am sure it will look really good in the bath.

Lastly I got the EVER SO CUTE The Snowman Bubbleroon. This smells very orangey but has Shea butter in it so I can’t even begin to imagine how soft it will make my skin! Whilst on the non-bath bomb route, I also put the Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt in my basket. I am buzzed about this one because it smells like sherbet, is very glittery and I have never used a bath melt before so that will be cool!

Have you got any of the Lush Christmas collection?


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