To Bronze Or Not To Bronze


When I have been doing my makeup routine this past month or so I have been skipping one vital part out of it… and you have probably guessed it from the title… Yes bronzer. In the mornings I tend to rush my makeup routine and do it in about ten to fifteen minutes because I value my sleep more #sorrynotsorry. So I tend to stick to concealer, eyebrows and mascara (not forgetting powder obvs).

So this brought me to the question that lead to this blog post “Is it worth applying bronzer in winter”. To me, bronzer is linked to summer because it gives you that little bit more tan and because you apply it to the areas where the sun hits your face the most – it is better for summer than winter because we rarely get the sun in the winter.

It might just be me being lazy and not being bothered to apply it, but then I also have loads of it in my makeup drawers so I hate to think it as being a waste. I did apply it the other night thought to contour my cheeks when I got fabbed up to go to wagamamas, but I cannot tell you enough times how bad I am at contouring. LIKE WHATEVER I DO IT LOOKS CRAP!


Bronzers that are too orangey don’t go with my skin tone, and I prefer to use ashy toned bronzers which are matte. Don’t get me wrong the ones with a bit of shimmer in, are lush for summer time, however as I wear quite a bit of highlighter too it can be a bit OTT.

When I apply it I just apply it in the crevices of my cheeks and sometimes on my hairline, however I don’t when I am going for a casual look. I blend it out however I somehow make it look patchy. **Pls can all contour wizards come and help me**. Ha ha.

Although, on the other hand, there is nothing wrong with having a bronzed look in summer. I wish I had a bit more tan on me at the moment but if I even attempt to fake tan I will end up looking like a tangerine. Also if you live somewhere like Australia then for Christmas it will be hot so therefore it is switched!

What do you think? To bronze or not to bronze?!?


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16 thoughts on “To Bronze Or Not To Bronze

  1. You are so right! Sometimes a bronzer can look so unnatural in the winter, but I feel naked without it! To me it’s all about finding the right shade…not too warm, not too cool. Two I’ve been loving at the moment are Too Faced Sweet Tea and Lilah B Sunkissed 👍🏻

    Great post! Xoxo Lauren

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  2. I bronze to make my contour blend a little bit better 😂😂 if that makes sense? I also do it more in the winter as I feel it helps me not to look constantly ill 🤒 but yeah I’m awful at contouring and I’m going with the gotta keep trying to look decent but if you manage to make it work? Come do my make up for me? Or teach me your wisdom

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