My £8 Christmas Nails


The last couple weeks I have been reallllllyyyyy feeling getting my nails done for the festive period because I haven’t had my nails professionally done in ages (3 years to be exact — WOW!) however I have left it rather late to get an appointment ANYWHERE. I really so have planned ahead….

However I decided to go for something else – to make up for being unorganized and to cut the price by a good £20! I have done a blog post about these type of nails before, but I wanted to just do it again because I RAVVVEEEEE about these nails.

The nails which I am wearing this Christmas and the ones ^^ ABOVE ^^ are the Elegant Touch After Dark Limited Edition Fake Nails. Aren’t they just beeaaaaauuuuutttt?!?

I am a big fan of elegant touch nails because they do such a big variety of colours, styles and ranges that everyone would find something they like. They are also very reasonably priced, the ones I chose being £8.30 and then I think some of the more expensive ones were at £14. Not to mention I had collected enough Boots points to claim them on my card…. BINGO!!

Each pack comes with 24 nails of different sizes, so they will 100% be able to fit your nails, a nail file if you want to make them a bit shorter, and some nail glue (although I use my own).

I got mine because I wanted something with a flat top, and that isn’t too bling as I still have work before Christmas. They don’t break easily so can go through a bit of wear and tear, although the glue that comes with it isn’t the strongest ~ but I reckon you gt a good 5 days of the staying put. The ones I got aren’t too long either so I can still be practical.

Obvs, they won’t last as long as real nails but they are SO much easier to gt off than acrylic nails and you shouldn’t but I pop my off so I can reuse them! SSSHHHHH!

Have you ever tried Elegant Touch Nails?!


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22 thoughts on “My £8 Christmas Nails

  1. I’m obsessed with elegant touch nails, I wear stick on falsies about 90% of the time😂 I found that the glue is the best kind from stuck on nail packs since I’ve tried almost every brand, do you have a fave glue? I also love the primark nails with elegant touch glue, maybe give them a try! Xxx

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  2. That colour is beautiful and great for Christmas 😊 I just bought some plain ones from eBay and I’m going to pain them myself (if I find the time) buying these would probably be easier and quicker haha great post x

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