Cringing At Last Year’s Blogmas!



Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear…. **DISCLAIMER: YOU WILL CRINGE IN THIS BLOG POST SOZ** So I thought that looking back to last years blogmas and comparing it to this years would be a good funny blog post idea (plus it was too dark to take photos when I got home today) but it is so cringey as my old posts are so bad!! It has been a year since Blogmas 2016 and so much on my blog has changed – as I am always saying – but there is also a lot of similarity so I think it will be cool for everyone to do this type of post!

First the photography…. oh god… I am just going to get the cringiest point out there. The photos above, are just two of the worst photos from blogmas last year, I could choose more but if I did that it would be Christmas by the time you finish reading this…. The one of my nails, was taken when it was dark outside so I used my soft box, and turned the brightness up to the MAX, which is why the background is like pure white, but it also left a shadow in the bottom corner. I have no clue what I was thinking but tbf the photo for my christmas nails this year was no better…. Also the photo on the right was for a blog post with 100 blogmas post ideas. This was also my most viewed blogmas post so I DREAD to think what all those people thought. TAKING PHOTOS OF LIGHTS. LIGHTS. I don’t even know what to say.


I also have a small confession to make… This photo ^^^ was from my blog post about a Christmas Cocktail, which was a snowball…. and I have had them before and loved them, however after I made this one – and took the time to put sugar on the rim of the glass, I tasted it and UGHHHHHH. I personally did not like it ANDIDONTKNOWWHY. It is normally my fave but oh welll….. My mum had it instead.

Also, what I didn’t realise was that last year I did a blog post about my winter skin care routine, and I did another, with two of the same products in it…. OH DEAR INDEED. Shows how much I like to venture away from my old but gold products… NOT. Although least my photography has gotten better!

What I also noticed about my blog posts from last year’s blogmas is that they were really short… like 100 words short. Obvs didn’t know how to make my posts chatty or unique so god knows why people read them ha ha!

Do you look back at your blog posts and think oh my god….?!


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8 thoughts on “Cringing At Last Year’s Blogmas!

  1. I think we all cringe when we look back at our posts! It’s almost like looking at old photos of us as children! The outfits! The hair! We learn as we grow. I don’t think it looks as bad as you see it, but we are our own worst critics! 🙂

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