Ted Baker Tinted Lip Balm


Hands up if you are luUuving the new brown theme I have in my photos! I know I ammm! I am buzzing about my new photography and I have never felt this good about my photos before! And when I get my new lens AHH I can’t WAIT!! Anyway onto the main part of this post shall we??

For Christmas, I was very lucky to receive a cute little Ted Baker gift set which included a tinted lip balm and a nail varnish. I decided to try both the products out ~~ I currently have the nail varnish on which is a lovely plum colour ~~ and yesterday I wanted to give the lip balm a shot. My lips have been really dry because the cold weather – and there is nothing worse than dry lips at this time of the year because I don’t get to wear all those gorgeous lip sticks that brighten up January a bit. But a tinted lip balm covers both aspects!


So gimme’ a chance to just gasp over the packaging okay?? Thanks. BECAUSE OH EM GEE ITS GAWWWWWG! Rose gold anything just gets me excited because it suits me and my autumn colour palette and it is just the prettiest don’t you think? It just looks luxurious.

It is also a nice size so perfect for the handbag, but also you want lose it… it’s not that small. The overall outside of the product is just glam and really high quality.

What about the actual product though? When I first opened it I was DEFO not expecting it to be a red shade. I was very surprised by that but in a good way because I haven’t got too many red shades – and the ones I have are very similar so I have now broadened my collection. It is VVVVVVEEEEEERRRRRRYYYYY pigmented for a lip balm. Literally it is like WOW. I still can’t get my head around it and how a lip balm can be so bloody pigmented. It genuinely looks like a lip stick.


It also smells really good, a bit like cookie dough mixed with butter milk. Putting it on, I was really worried that because it is a lip balm, it would not stay on my lips very well, it would go all over my face or come off really easily when I ate. I was COMPLETELY wrong. It is one of the first red lips that hasn’t bled on the skin around my mouth. I was mind blown. I also managed to go ALL day without having to reapply it. YES. A-L-L-D-A-Y!! It is a shiny shade – of course because it is a balm – so I had to venture out of my comfort zone of matte shades but I am glad I did.

But as a lip balm does it work?? Yes and no. It is very moisturizing when you put it on, and it does feel like a normal lip balm. However unlike a normal lip balm you can’t really rub you lips together or you might get red everywhere. Also, I had it on all day yesterday, and it came to about 10 o’clock in the evening (I was hosting a gin n fizz evening so I put the all day test to the MAX) and I had to reapply it solely because my lips felt dry like they would do with a normal lipstick on. I was slightly disappointed by this because obviously you don’t want a lip balm to be drying – however I feel you can easily over come this by reapplying it more often than I was.

Unfortunately because this was a Christmas gift they don’t sell it any more – in this shade but you can find the darker set here…

Have you got anything nice from Ted Baker?!


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11 thoughts on “Ted Baker Tinted Lip Balm

  1. I am always admiring their phone cases and makeup bags, their floral prints are unbeatable but I don’t own anything from them (which is ironic as my boyfriend works at the brand HQ!). Maybe next year in the sales or when I get my phone upgraded!

    Great review, the lip balm looks great – I can’t wait to see a review on the nail polish 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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