High End Makeup DAMAGES Your Self-Esteem


So I watched a REALLY interesting programme last night on BB1 all about makeup and beauty products and the way people look.It was called ‘The Truth About… Looking Good” and if you have a spare hour I totally recommend watching it but I just wanted to talk about one or two points that really stood out to me from it. It was basically all about claim that different company’s make about makeup products, moisturizers, cellulite and DREADED wrinkles and it was so intriguing to find out about their results. I was honestly GOBSMACKED at some of the outcomes!! I will be mention spoilers so if you want to watch it do that FIRST… then come back here!!

Just want to disclaim that these are OBVS not my findings I just wanted a chit-chat/discussion about it… so let me know in the comments what you think!!

Firstly the University of Sheffield did this experiment based on moisturizers where they gathered a load of people testing a drug store brand, a medium priced brand and then a high-end brand. They were looking at hydration and answering that MYTH we all want to know…. “Will moisturizing make us look longer as we grow old”. Not only did the results come back saying the drug store and medium one were better than the high-end one (and were also pretty similar) and it does NOTHING to affect the way your skin will look. The DON’T contain any anti-ageing products at all!!! Makes me feel slightly better that I don’t moisturize on a daily basis….

As I am all about that makeup, I was really curious about what they said about different brands and their branding. Sali Hughes got four people to try out two foundations, two mascaras, two lip glosses and two eyeshadows, one of which was a drug store product and one of which was a high-end product. I think there was mixed results… the best foundation was the cheaper one, the best lip gloss was the cheaper one, but the best mascara and eyeshadow was the more expensive one.

However they also conducted a survey about packaging, which showed that people were way more likely to by a product based on a good packaging. This meant that people who buy high-end makeup are more likely to struggle with their self-esteem than those who buy cheaper products.

To me, this totally makes sense because I often am a SUCKER for buying expensive makeup because its packaging is pretty and because I think it will be better than something that is cheaper. However in reality if you research and look for good dupes you can buy cheaper products and spend a hell of a lot less money on makeup.

High end makeup can make you feel UGHHHH I WANT IT SO BAD BECAUSE JUST LOOK AT IT. We have all been there right?? But if you felt confident about yourself you wouldn’t think that you needed it. Do you get me???

This programme was SO worth the watch and it just sparked me to do a blog post about it as the results were cRaZyYyY!!

What do you think about high-end makeup and your self-esteem?



49 thoughts on “High End Makeup DAMAGES Your Self-Esteem

  1. Wow! I never thought about this but now that I’ve read your post, maybe it’s the same way I view makeup just like luxury items… designer handbags, shoes and so much more! Sometimes the cheaper ones aren’t necessarily better but it’s something that was planted in our minds that hey I want that pair of sandals because it’s for $500 & trendy and there’s this sort of fantasy that is created… so we want it just because it’s Gucci or Tory Burch or Prada or Louis Vuitton. Sometimes there are other options that are just as cute and more affordable but we wouldn’t dare buy them. In some societies, especially among “THE HIGH social class” in certain parts of Jamaica, this is nothing but the TRUTTHHH.

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  2. This post was really interesting! I have a lot more drugstore makeup than high end makeup but if I want to buy high end makeup it’s normally because of the packaging. Their packaging normally looks and feels better quality, I love the packaging of Benefit and Too Faced makeup products! I don’t think that high end makeup really lowers my self esteem because they usually make me feel like I’ve put a little more effort in with my makeup and I just love the packaging, so it makes me happy when I’m using it! Do you think that using high end makeup makes a difference to your self esteem? xxx

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    1. It’s more of the fact that people who buy high end makeup are more likely to have a lower self-esteem because they feel like they need the higher end makeup. I don’t personally because I don’t like spending too much on makeup as I have to value the money I earn xx

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  3. I definitely agree that a pretty packaging and a well-known name call sell a product, but also think that some investments are really worth it.
    And btw, love your insta feed, I’m absolutely obsessed xx

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  4. I watched this and can’t believe how much I actually spend on things that don’t perform as well as the cheaper alternative!
    Definitely will be using an SPF UVB moisturiser and retinol cream from now on – who new my £40 moisturiser did absolutely NOTHING 😭 x

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  5. I have to admit..I’m a sucker when it comes to high end products. But…big but…I make sure so look at the ingredients. A brand can make any claim regardless of the ingredients. That’s CRAZY to me. You definitely have to do your research! Great post girl! This program sounds interesting!
    Xo Lauren

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  6. That’s so interesting! I’m always drawn to pretty packaging, but I’ve never connected that specifically to self esteem. That makes sense though, and I’ll definitely have to think about that before purchasing things in the future lol

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  7. You should maybe check out parent companies and the idea that a high end brand product will eventually be replicated in the drugstore under the same parent company. I still believe moisturiser is important but sunscreen even more! Sometimes though, I like to just treat myself with nice packaging/usage experience even if the formula is similar to a drugstore brand. X

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      1. Exactly that! If I’m remembering right, L’oreal also own The Body Shop which is why some people don’t support them any more (as L’Oréal is not cruelty free). It’s much more complex than people think! X

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  8. The part about how moisturizer doesn’t really effect the end result REALLY stuck out to me. I moisturize every morning and night religiously. At night I apply my moisturizer and then I apply oil after that to sleep in. What an interesting article!

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  9. Brands kill it with their clever marketing, and know that shiny pretty packaging sucks us all in.
    While moisturizing may not do anything for my future skin, it certainly helps my skin in the present, which is mainly why I use it. 🙂 I switch between high end and store brands. More expensive products tend to have better ingredients, and I believe this is the case for *some* products. Mostly, I think high end and store brands are manufactured in the same plants, and just packaged differently. It’s just clever trickery, and as consumers, we should be angry at how we’re used. But, there will always be people who want the name brand simply for the name and the status symbol of being able to afford the high end brands.

    Interesting show, though! Thank you for sharing.

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  10. That must have been really interesting programme, it definitely has some good points. I think I’ve heard somewhere that often the drug store products have same quality as high-end ones (I think it was in relation to the classic blue Nivea cream but I’m not sure) and the only real difference is that we often think that the more expensive products the better it would work… really interesting subject! I can also totally relate to buying more expensive make up because the packaging looks so pretty. Great post, I really enjoyed reading it, thanks for sharing! 🙂

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