My Week In Numbers #4


I love this concept. You love this concept. So I decided to do another one of course! If you are new to my blog or if this is the first blog post of mine you have read (heyyyaaa why not follow??) then I have been doing these blog posts where I describe my week to you in numbers of some sort and it seems a pretty popular idea. I might try to do one once a month or something? What yah thinking?? This might to a while to write because I am also in the process of watching Passenger… LOVE that film. Here we go…

// 4.5… \\ Hours spent in mock exams this week. I am in my final year of A-Levels and dreaded mock week was put right when our coursework was due in… thx… but it is OVERRRR and I am just waiting for my results.

// 3… \\ Boards for my portfolio made and prepped for my uni interview which is in a weeks time… EEK! I am so nervous!!

// 2… \\ Grueling gym sessions that nearly left me and my friend Georgie unable to walk without looking like weirdos but it felt so SO good.

// 16… \\ Hours worked this week, including a v tiring 12 hour shift but its OK because I actually enjoy my work.

// 1… \\ Shirt dress that I have made for my fashion course. Yes I have made a shirt. Yes I am SUPER haps with it.

// £44… \\ Spent on new GymShark leggings… I AM SO EXCITED AND HAPPY THAT I FINALLY GAVE IN AND BOUGHT SOME.

// 7… \\ Of my friends came around as I hosted a little birthday meal and drinks for my friend.

// £16… \\ Spent on new L’Oreal makeup which I am going to be trying out… *cough cough* new blog post on that soon.

Let me know in the comments what your week was like… In numbers!


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22 thoughts on “My Week In Numbers #4

      1. Mine was for multimedia journalism so what I did was I googled what kinds of questions lots of universities would be likely to ask, so say “what questions would be asked for journalism at uk uni” and it helped me so much, I was even complimented on how well knowledgeable I sounded haha!

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