5 Moments In 2018 I am Looking Forward


January is the month for reflection am I right or am I right?? You must be SiCk of these posts by now talking about last year or goals for this year, but because I am a realllyyyy nosey person they interest me. 2018 is going to be a big year of change for me. I finally leave school and enter the real world *GASP* and there is going to be a lot happening. The thought of this makes me SO anxious, so instead I just have to focus on what I am looking forward to.

Starting University

In September (which is a long time away from now I KNOW) I will be starting university. This is something I am actually so SO excited for because not only do I want to leave school, I want to study something I know I am going to love. I have an interview on Monday and I am super nervous but its a crucial stage into hopefully getting into the uni I would love to go to.


We (my family, my friends and I) have just booked a two-week holiday to Croatia! I am so excited because Croatia just looks sooooooo dreamy and exotic. It is a country that we have never been to before so it will be cool to test the waters in a different culture.


One fear of mine which I HATE, is festivals. I love the idea of them, and get so jealous looking at friend’s photos from last summer, but the whole scope of camping among thousands of people is very scary and I don’t want to feel trapped. However I am determined to try one out, even if it is just going for a day.


Before I leave school and start uni – BLAH BLAH BLAH – I have to take my A-Levels. I am pretty determined to do well in these because the are a HUGE deal. If you aren’t from the UK then A-Levels are exams which you do in your very last year of school and you pretty much need them throughout your life. I am going to start revising early and I can’t wait until I get that moment where I come out of that last exam and all the weight on my shoulders is removed… Until results day…


My friends and I and are *planning* to go on holiday. Yes. It is going to be a mammoth of a task to plan – as we are looking at going interrailing but hopefully it will be a once in a lifetime trip that we will have so much fun on… Let’s not talk about the cost though…

Let me know what moments you are looking forward to!


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31 thoughts on “5 Moments In 2018 I am Looking Forward

  1. Hi there 😊 you have such wonderful writing and pictures ❤. I love seeing such posts like this.

    By the way, im seri and i am a beauty and lifestyle blogger. I would love if you could check my blog out sometime? Anyways, you have a wondeful day, take care and stay safe and keep warm and stay blessed

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  2. Sounds like you’ve got a pretty big year ahead! And it all sounds so exciting. My focus for this year is trying to work out and achieve what I want to do career wise. I’m nearly 30 and have only just realised my passions are writing and photography (hence blogging!😜) so am excited to see where 2018 takes me xx

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