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    See I have changed my photo theme and filter… not sure whether I like it now… FGS. What do you think?? P.S I went out clubbing for the first time last night and I am really proud because I conquered my clubbing-a-phobia. 
    I am in the process of wanting to and redecorating my bedroom, because why not I want a change, so I thought I would just have a little chat about it. When I was younger I really wanted to be an interior designer, but I didn’t think I was creative enough. At the moment my bedroom is red, white and grey… I’d show you but it is a PIG STY RN. And I have had it red, maybe two years… and IDONTKNOWWHYIPICKEDRED. I have never liked red, I think it was so I could get rid of pink. I did really like it, but now I just want something a bit less coloruful… That makes me sound super boring but like do you get me??
    I have some ideas in my mind about what I want to do, I have one wall at them moment which is pretty are so I am going to fill it with some quirky framed photos and fairy lights (but not too ott). For my A-Levels I am having to have a new bigger desk in my room temporarily so I can revise *eye-roll* so I have to plan around that for a few months.
    I have been Pinteresting my heart out on ways to save money on things because I am a student guys I don’t have a bottomless pit of money, and just to find some cute little things that can really make a room seem less boring. I have seen one idea where you just get a cheap plastic circular chair, and spray paint the legs silver, and then add a faux fur rug or throw over the top to make it look all chic and luxurious.
    Today, me and my mum went to good ol’ B&Q to pick up some white fabric boxes for my square shelving units, and to get a new lamp (in my photo) which I can put on my desk. I am on the hunt for some good house plants, like ones that drape over shelves, or little succulents – and most likely fake ones because as you can tell from the flowers in the photo… I am not the best plant-looker-after-er-person. I also have three large white shelves on my wall, which at the moment just have a bunch of CRAP on them, so I want to buy some silver metal baskets… the ones that are like wire and are super cute.
    Let me know in the comments below if you know any good shops to find interior bits and bobs!
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