• The Best Mothers Day Gift Idea!

    Mothers day is coming up.. I REPEAT Mothers day is coming!! Quicker than you realise!! In the UK, this year Mother’s day is on the 11th of March. You might think “Pffffft THERE IS STILL AGESS” but trust me Feb is going so quickly and if you are ordering prezzies then you have to bear in mind the delivery!
    My mum’s birthday also happens to be the 8th of March… good for her because she gets more gifts but bankrupting for me. What about daughters day or children appreciation day HEY?! But for now we still have planning to do! Luckily, T2 Tea contacted me and offered to send me a few items from their Mother’s Day range and I had the cutest and best idea… Don’t want to boast but wait until you read why!
    This is not a sponsored blog post but I just found what T2 sent to me absolutely adorable and when I posted a photo of the cup on Instagram everyone kept asking about it! They sent me the Moroccan Tealeidoscope Pot, Cup and Saucer (the print on this is just so popping full of my fave colours), the Black Violet Loose Leaf Tea which came in the cutest container, and the Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea Tin. It has been cool trying them out so thank you T2!
    With these little bits and bobs which T2 sent me, I thought for Mother’s Day, why not have a little tea party for my mum and my grandma! They both love tea and cake and it will be a cute little idea that is relatively inexpensive. It is also something a bit different from just being a bunch of flowers or presents. You could take them out for an afternoon tea, or better host one yourself.
    I have some tips for hosting a successful little tea party so that you can really treat your mum to the perfect Mothers Day! Firstly, make sure you have lots of cake or nibbles. Homemade or shop bought, they are lovely to have a snack on. I have flapjacks in this photo because homemade flapjacks are my ultimate go to at the moment, but you could also create sandwiches and cut them into tiny triangles or buy some cupcakes and donuts!
    Secondly, make sure you know what tea/coffee they drink. My gran loves floral tea like this so she was catered for, my mum likes regular tea, and I am of course a coffee drinker. You need to make sure you cover all grounds so that every one is happy!
    Of course, you need the cutest China cups and saucers (which also make it V instagram worthy 😉 ) which you can find anywhere! Tiger do the quirkiest ones around, but if you want to go extra vintage then pop into your local charity shops and see what they have got because I GUARANTEE you will find some in there. Also decorate your kitchen, or if its nice whether lay a blanket down outside… It might be a little bit too chilly for that though. Get a fresh bunch of flowers in, add some pink or fluffy pillows to the equation and you are good to go!
    I just thought that why not share this with you when I think it is such a unique idea!! I am sure if you do this on Mother’s day, your mum or gran or career will appreciate every inch of it!
    Have you ever been to a tea party??
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    1. 19/02/2018 / 7:48 pm

      Omg. You had me scared for a minute. Mother’s Day I. The US is in may. I thought I was late for a minute

    2. 19/02/2018 / 9:06 pm

      I’ve never been to a tea party but it sounds super fun.

    3. 20/02/2018 / 8:14 am

      Awww I’m sure your mum and grandma will love the little tea party you have planned for them 😊 i might do something like that for my mum xx

    4. 29/03/2018 / 3:41 am

      I can’t wait to spoil my momma!
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