The Best Way For Bloggers To Make Money

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“What an Earth are you talking about Emily???” Buy Me A Coffee. That’s what I am going on about. Don’t get me wrong a love an ACTUAL coffee , but this is just as good. You are probably wondering what the living daylights I am talking about and seeming so abrupt but just you wait and see.

I saw this idea on Jemma’s website (Jemma is an amazing blogger, also from Plymouth, who inspires me so much!) and I really liked the idea! Ko-Fi is a site which allows anyone to buy creators ‘a coffee’ ~~ if you prefer tea then treat it the same ha ha! ~~ to show their appreciation of people’s work or blog etc…

It is such a simple scheme which I think adds or could add so much positivity into the blogging network. I am surprised I haven’t seen more of it to be honest – unless I have been completely oblivious to it – as I believe for smaller bloggers, who don’t have a big enough following to earn money off ads, it is the best way to earn some pennies.

The way it works is simple, if someone has this set up, and if you like their blog or blog post they can ‘buy you a coffee’ e.g give you $3. It’s just a small contribution to show bloggers that you love their work.

And if you are a blogger, then it is so easy to set up an account. Add a catchy bio to it and people will be more likely to give you a coffee.

I haven’t had mine set up for long, but I got my first coffee the other day and it just made me feel so good, and that someone actually appreciates what I am doing! It is such a small but fun way to put a smile on someones face. I was worried about starting it, thinking people would think I am begging but in reality it’s not like that. Its more of a reward system.

You don’t even if to have a certain amount of followers to join up! So anyone can do it. You can then link it on your blog and create a cute button for your homepage!

I hope this has helped some of you find a new way to make some money through all the hard work you put in creating your content!


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FYI This is not a sponsored post or ad I just love the concept!


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