• What's In My Shower

    It’s a Sunday evening, I feel like I am well and truly having those Monday blues already #GrumpyEmily and so I thought I would pop on some vlogs, light some candles and write a blog post. If I am honest I can’t really remember where I got this blog post idea from. Just putting that out there, but I suppose it is different but a bit like a ‘What’s In My Bag’ post but a what’s in my shower. I personally love these types of posts as I am a nosy person and you can find out more about a person through these posts.
    However there are a lot of boring things in my shower/bath that I decided to leave out ~~ e.g Razor, shampoo and conditioner because I’m not using anything fancy if I am honest, I am still using the same shampoos (obvs not the EXACT same) from about two years ago. Soooooo I just picked the ones I am loving.
    The first item that I have recently started using it the << treaclemoon Warm Cookie Dough Shower Gel >> HOOOOLLLLLYYYYY MOOOLY this smells too good to describe! Literally smells like warm molten cookie dough and you end up smelling too good! TOO GOOD! It also leaves my skin feeling very soft. I have quite sensitive skin and this doesn’t irritate it which is a god send! Not to mention the bottle is freakin’ massive so will end up lasting me forevs! I think this is like a Christmas special because I got it last year in my stocking and loved it so much my Mum got it again for me this year, so if you never got it this year then I am sure you will be able to grab it again next year. Tesco normally store them or they have their own online store… I am very tempted by the vanilla shower gel they do!
    Next thing for my bath is the << Zoella Beauty Bath Latte >>. Now I think this is pretty out of stock everywhere… That’s he one thing about ‘YouTuber’ products is that you can never get them like so many months after they come out… So I am trying to use this as sparingly as possible because I adore it so much. It’s a very vanilla-ry scent too it which I love so much and it makes so many bubbles. It is good to use in a bath when you don’t want a lot going on. I do love my Lush don’t get me wrong, but when I want to was my hair I reach for this instead.
    Lastly, speaking of Lush is the Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt, which was from this year’s Christmas range… hence no link. But this in my bath at the moment because it is next on my list to use, however I have never used a Bath Melt before so I am sort of panicking as I don’t know how to use it and its so pretty I don’t want to waste it!! (p.s if you know how to use one pls help a babe out!). But it is so sparkly I bet my skin will look like a glitter ball after!
    I hope you have enjoyed this different blog post, and that you are all having a good Sunday evening.
    What’s in your shower??
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    1. 04/03/2018 / 7:54 pm

      Treacle moon shower gels are the best! I have been using marshmallow dreams for ages now! Xx

    2. 05/03/2018 / 8:11 am

      The bath latte sounds amazing as does the warm cookie dough shower gel 😍 xx

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