• February 2018 Favourites


    Oh is it that time of the month were I just go on about what I have been liking this month? Yep it certainly is. I like to keep these short and sweet because I don’t actually buy a lot of new makeup anymore to change my views each month. SAD yes, but a reality of a skint student, YES. Anyway getting on to the actual point of the blog post, there have been four main things that I have been using that when I looked at my collection I thought ‘I NEED TO MENTION THEM!’. I have also go some which aren’t actually a thing as such… keep reading and you will find out…. so its not in the photo but you will get it.

    Two Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

    I did a review on this a while back, in Jan I think (??) and I was a bit umming and ahhhing about it because it was VERY different to any other mascara I had used before. I was a lot bolder, and a bit clumpy, as I had been using a natural masacar before it. But now, when I choose to wear another one I end up looking at my lashes and ~~ wishing ~~ I had gone and woren the Better Than Sex Mascara because it reall opens my eyes, and especially when I am wearing eyeshadow it legit makes my lashes look effin’ long!

    << Find it here >>

    Soap And Glory Super Cat Skinny Liner

    There is no way that I haven’t mentioned this before on my blog – in fact I even remember talking about it, however I have been using it nearly every single weekend. I have been trying to wear more eyeshadow, only at the weekends as I don’t wear it to college, but I now look at my eye looks and think it is lacking something. EYELINER. I’ll give you the mow down on what I thougt because I never liked eyeliner, thought eyeshadow for eyeday looked better on its own but I OBVS THOUGHT WRONG. I love this one because it is like and pen so I can’t even explain how easy it is to use. Its not the most pigmented eyeliner, however I think its because I have left the lid off it a couple of times… my bad….

    << Click here to see it >>

    Mac Lipstick In Love Buddy

    I very lucikly received some baby Mac Lipsticks (Yes, mini mac lipsticks, yes they are totes adorable) from a family memeber for my birthday, and I have been trying them out. One of the shades, Love Buddy, I have been reaching to. Unusually for me I have been liking a pink shade. I never thought they used to suit my skin, however I am rally digging it. Its almost a nude/pink and it is matte which makes all my dreams come true. And we all know how good the formulas are….

    L’Oreal True Match Powder

    I went and tried all the True Match range and in the process I found a new powder which I think is really good. I picked it up on a wim thinking ‘I REALLY NEED NEW POWDER OR I WILL BE LOOKING LIKE A GREASE BUCKET TOMORROW’ but I have found that its a good little powder to hold onto. Not only does it come with a sponge too, but the powder isn’t too drying, feels very soft to apply, and doesn’t cling to dry patches.

    << Grab it here >>


    Now you might be looking at this point and possibly thinking two things… 1) AHH now I get what you mean by you can’t see it or 2) WTF surely you read anyway you have a blog? Well yes I do read… but now books… until now! I am not a big reader, never really have been UNLESS it is a book I can reall really get into. I read the Little Book of Hygge in Feb and I loved it (also my first fiction book) and currently I am reading a book by Jennifer Niven caleld All The Bright Places. Quick question would you like to see blogs on book reviews? Possibly under a catagory on my blog called Book Club??

    What did you love in Feb??


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    1. 14/03/2018 / 8:22 pm

      sounds great! all the bright places is a really good book. 🙂

    2. 14/03/2018 / 10:55 pm

      The skinny cat liner is one of my favourites! It helped me learn to do eyeliner, one of the best!!
      I loved reading this! Mind checking out my blog?!❤️

    3. 14/03/2018 / 11:14 pm

      YES yes yes- start a book club! That would be oh so fun. I find that my Too Faced Better Than Sex dries out so quickly but it really is good!

      • 16/03/2018 / 4:40 pm

        Ahhh maybe I will then! And oh right thats strange!

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