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    SO here it is! Never EVER did I think I would be writing posts about a book review. It is like a blue moon me reading but I am determined to change that because it is so bad that I don’t read really, I can tell it has limited my vocab, this was more apparent in my GCSE’s. Don’t worry I’m not thick, but I am not a person for using big words ha HA! #AGradeStudentRightHere. But as I am making a new habit of reading – which I am loving btw! – I thought I would make a new section on my blog about the books I have read and just talk about them!

    ** BTW This will possibly, maybe and highly likely contain spoils so if you are thinking or reading or are reading this book then perhaps go find another of my blog posts to read instead <3 ** 

    I saw this book in WaterStones and I also saw it recommended in a book I had previously read so for £7.99 I thought it was worth a shot. Plus I also really liked the front cover with the design and the colour pattern. It looks lush, and I think it makes a pretty blog photo!

    This book is one of the shorter books I have read before, however I thought it was a really nice length especially for someone like me who isn’t too experienced in reading books that are of a substantial length. So the book is about a girl called Madeline Whittier who is really ill.  She has this disease called SCID where she is pretty much allergic to anything and everything and she hasn’t left the house in over 17 years as her house is specially sanitized. Also her Dad and her brother were killed in a car crash, leaving just her mum and her, and her nurse Carala. Then all of a sudden one day people move into the house next doors to hers, and she contacts the son, Olly, and very quickly they become friends online. Maddy persuades Carla to let Olly visit, but after her mum finds this out she fires Carla and stops Maddy seeing Olly or even talking to her. But this just drives Maddy to want to see Olly even more so they leave home and go on a trip to Hawaii. Whilst in Hawaii Maddy gets severely ill, and all shes remembers if waking back up at home in California. The story continues to find that Maddy has been lied to her whole life… 

    I won’t completely say the end plot of the book, or else you might end up hating me and we defo don’t want that! I LOVED how this book is layed out. It has very short chapters, little hand sketches and contrasting pages, and it just makes you very drawn into the book. It makes it a really easy read so you can’t stop turning those pages and then you feel like the book is glued onto your hands!

    The only thing I would say is that the book felt like it took a long time to get to the big plot reveal. It was very near the end of the book, which some people might prefer, however I like when there is a climax in the middle and then you have the anti climax ~~ TB to year 9 English right here! 

    But if you love a good rom-com, and a bit of drama then I would 100% give this book a read! Nicola Yoon did a fab job! It is also a film – and my friend Milly and I read this at the same time so we are planning a mate date to watch this now!

    My Rating: 8.5 possibly 9/10

    Have a look for it here!!

    Have you read this book before?


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    1. 23/03/2018 / 3:10 am

      I’m never really planning to buy books, but now I’ve got to know what happens next!!! I wasn’t invested in getting so invested in that summary, but you hit me with “the she’s been lied to her whole life!” and I was just like “well, I got to put it in my books wishlist now!


    2. 25/03/2018 / 9:19 pm

      I read Everything Everything on the holidays and I absolutely loveeee it!! The best thing is the twist in the end about her being lied to about her “disease” but I so want to know what happens next!

    3. 28/03/2018 / 8:17 am

      WOW, this looks really interesting. I’ve got to read this book now!!! Really great review by the way <3

        • 22/04/2018 / 1:24 pm

          I just read it and I think it’s definitely worth buying. Thank you soooo much for the recommendation!

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