My Boyfriend Does My ASOS Shop


So I thought my flatlay photo was okay… blow it up on my blog then you can tell ughhhh I need to practice them a bit more. Oh well, what can you do *insert sassy shrugging shoulders emoji**. My idea for this blog post came from basically every single YouTuber doing this video in some form or other, whether it was ‘Boyfriend Does My ASOS Shop’ or ‘Best friend’ or ‘Sister’ etccccc you name it! Since I don’t have a YouTube channel I decided to do it as a blog post. I asked my boyfriend to find an outfit for me on ASOS – I didn’t buy it because I am poooooor but the concept is still there. He pretty much said he didn’t find anything he liked but we got there eventually ha ha!

The first thing that my boyfriend picked were these << ASOS ABSOLUTE Suede Chelsea Ankle Boots >>. I wasn’t suprised by these to be honest because I bought Gaz a pair of chelsea boots for his birthday and I know how much he loves them. I already have a black par of chelsea boots but NGL I think I prefer these because they are suede and I like the shade of the toe on them. They would be really good for this time of year too.


For the bottom half of the outfit he went for some classic << Berska Skinny High Waisted Jeans >> and I mean what can go wrong with some high waisted blue jeans?? Plus I am super happy he went with high waisted because I prefer high waisted jeans as they just make me feel a bit mroe secure if you get what I mean??


On the top half Gaz picked out this mustard knitted jumper… << Daisy Street High Neck Jumper With Cable Knit >>. This was a good safe bet as I never stray far away from a knitted jumper and I do have one very similar to this. I did remind Gaz this but it shows he has good taste right? I love the brand Daisy Street too, I always think their clothes are stunning so a good coincidence he chose something from their brand!


As it is only just Spring and we live in England I need a coat… YES or YES? And in Gaz’s words about this << New Look Strutured Mac Trench Coat >> “TBF, I quite like this” and so do I. I have never had a trench coat before, so I don’t know what I would look like in it but I think it looks really sophisticated and chic! Plus it is super cheap considering to some of the trench coats I have seen before. Good ol’ New Look for you!


And finally a bag because I never go anywhere without a bag and if I do I feel completely lost. Gaz chose this gorgeous white << River Island Tab Side Across Body Bad >>. River Island I swear always do the nicest bags and I really like the size of this one because its not too big but not too small either. It would be a nice bag to take on a coffee date or to a meal and would go really well with this outfit.


Overally I think Gaz did really well with the outfit, I do think it is similar to some stuff I already have, e.g the shoes and the jumper however that just shows that he has really good taste.

How do you think he did?!


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