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    What’s that??? Yes its HAULLLLL TIME!! I haven’t done a haul (other than a Lush haul) in absolutely ages because I try to save a bit of money rather than chuck all my cash away… I am growing up and no it’s not fun! But as you know I went away last week… if you didn’t have you been living under a rock?? If you have realised then a promise this is the last blog post about it xoxo.

    I literally love watching haul vids, especially Primark ones so I can then go and find all the good bits in Primark, and I also love watching a good Lush haul because you know I love my Lush!

    When I was away I popped into a few shops (I wish I had the time to go into all of them) and I picked up a few bits and bobs which I thought I would have a natter about.

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    The first shop we went into pretty much as soon as we got off the train was good old TopShop and it has to be one of my fave shops out there. I went into my local TopShop the week before and saw a few things which I decided to wait and get in Birmingham. Te jacket I wanted wasn’t there however I did grab the top that I really liked. And can you see why I like it?? Colourful, striped and all the colours I adore. It is perfect for spring and I wore it on Sunday and got so many compliments on it!! It’s not a crop top, but its small but it would also look cool on a pair of shorts in the summer!

    As picture above I also got (both the top and the foundation were a lovely present from my gran) the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in the shade Mont Blonc. We went into Selfridges and according to my mum and my gran my eyes literally LIT UP when we went onto the beauty floor. It was insane. I wish I could visit there everyday. I could have spent my whole day there!! So I have been using The Ordinary Foundation however sadly I have run out of it and I can’t get it again (!!!) so I decided to try something new. Whilst my Gran got her face all did up at the Clinique stand the woman gave me three testers of foundation to try. I have used a Clinique Even Better foundation before so she gave me a tester of that, and she also gave me two testers of the Beyond Perfecting Foundation because I was so undecided on what to get. I have been using the Even Better one, and I remember why I loved it so much, however the other are a little two dark for me so I might save them for summer.

    But back to NARS, in my gut I knew I wanted to try something NARS as I haven’t before. So I picked the Sheer glow because it is light but buildable and good for dry skin – which I am a little bit susceptible too.

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    Whilst in Selfridges I also had my heart set on getting the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder. So I did exactly that! The thing with me (which I take as one of my few talents) is when I go shopping I know what I want before I go so then I don’t dilly-dally around the place. So I spoke to the woman about it for a bit and then just bought it. Apparently it lasts 4EVA so I am super happy I bought it!

    Another example of this is the red converses I bought in Schuh. I have white ones from Florida which are years old and they are falling apart. But because white is deadly hard to maintain I decided to go bold and get red! I won’t ramble about these too much as I did a blog post about them which you can spot << here >>.

    Last but by no means least, my Gran wanted to go into Hotel Chocolat whilst we were there too have a browse at the chocolate – not just to try the samples I swear!! But I ended up getting something from their sale… I couldn’t help myself!! I got the Me&You Five Chocolate Hearts but I am going to give them to my boyf because I am super sweet like that ha ha!

    I hope you appreciated this haul, I’d say it was a medium-sized haul! BTW… I have just hit 6000 followers so thank you so SO much!!

    Have you bought anything nice recently?? 


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    1. 10/04/2018 / 7:51 pm

      Great Post! I need a shopping trip! Congrats on all the followers x

    2. 10/04/2018 / 11:50 pm

      Really great blog post!

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