My Worst Beauty Blunders


Admit it… We have all been there… We have all had VERY bad makeup mistakes which when you back and think about you cringe so much inside that you guts just shrivel up and you think ‘WHY?!?!!?’. This blog post is just going to take FOREVER to write because I will have to stop myself from cringing so much throughout it…. UGHHHHHH. But because we are all in the same boat, if you weare makeup that it, I thought to share my ‘beauty blunders’ with you and then you can make me feel better about mine and share your’s in the comments! Ha ha!

The Blunt Edged Eyebrows

I can fully warn you now that a few of these blunders are going to be based around my eyebrows as clearly I didn’t know what on earth I was doing (prepare to LOL). My first EVER eyebrow palette was a Collection brow palette which I got off of my friend Milly, and I would fill my brows in using a Real Techniques brush. I just had no clue about how you shouldn’t fill in the inner part so you get a gradient, and I would just have a line. And no joke my eyebrows nearly touched. Yes really.

The Too Dark Eyebrows

Very nearly forgot to mention that my eyebrows were way too dark for my natural hair colour. Yes I have darkish hair however not dark dark brown like I used to fill in my brows. Now I have thankfully learnt my lesson, and I see people making the same mistake as me and think you will look back and say the same thing!

The Wrong Shade of Foundation

I literally still have this issue, like I now have my Nars foundation which was colour matched, but The Ordinary foundation that I used was way too dark because I got it in the summer when I had a tan. I also got a concealer that was way too light for me, I don’t learn FFS!

The Eyeliner Phase 

When I first got into makeup, I think I was year 9 I went a bit heavy handed on the eyeliner. Nothing too much because I had school but I did line my top lid and looking back its like Why?? It didn’t do anything for you love…

The Eyebrow Waxing Scenario

So just before I went to France on holiday two years ago I went to get my eyebrows waxed and dyed because they were in need of a bit of TLC. I got them dyed… liked the results… got them waxed and I felt like crying. I have always been presious over my brows and like them really thick, but I had them waxed so that the ends were really thin and the centre was chunky anything (basically sperm eyebrows if you know the reference) and it was awful. I have never had them waxed since!

So these were some of my beauty blunders…. what are you major beauty regrets or blunders?!


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100 thoughts on “My Worst Beauty Blunders

  1. These hit way too close to home for me lol I remember when I was like 15 I used the wrong shade of foundation, and caked it on. I remember being at the bus stop on my way to school and my friend pointing out how orange I was D: I ran home and scrubbed my face and missed the bus. Live and learn right?

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      1. Ahaha, at least we can say we’ve learned from out mistakes 😛 I remember using the dream matte mousse foundation in Ivory (lightest colour and still to dark) and blending it with my fingers. One of my friends pointed out that it wasnt even blended and I had orange patched EVERYWHERE! Mortified was an understatement !!

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  2. I’m a blue eyeliner gal, ever since high school..I’ve tried other colors and such even went as far as eyeshadow exploration..I suck at make up blundering all the time and just stick with what I know.. pink lips and blue eyeliner..some would say that’s a blunder in itself! 👍❤️🤪🌈

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  3. I’ve done the exactly same! Has anyone done the mistake of wanting to do there liquid eyeliner, making a mistake & then correcting it, then matching the other eye, & before you know it you’ve got two huge panda eyes & have to leave the house in the next 10 minutes??

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  4. Ugh! I still can’t get the right shade of foundation! I’m always too light or too dark. Also, back in high school, I’d only wear eye liner on my lower lids. Sometimes it looked ok, but looking back at pictures is like whyyyyyy?!?

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  5. it is just so common for first timers or for most girls to make one of such mistakes till someone calls them out. But with many blogs and websites today I think any girl can pretty learn any make up style she wants. It just takes the time to find out what they want.
    Great piece, interesting article.

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  6. Realising I was allergic to liquid and felt eyeliner… yeah the state of my skin should have given it away but I never did learn. 2 years later and a draw full of eyeliners I have come to the conclusion it isn’t just one brand,

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  7. I think we have all done the eyebrow blunders! Mine will forever be a source of agony because I just can’t get them right. I am horrible with anything other than brow gel. I do get my brows threaded to keep some sort of shape. I can’t even with eyeliner!
    The great thing about makeup is that it comes off! HA!
    Great post. Thank you for sharing your blunders! 🙂

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  8. Who knows I could have done it and no one honestly pointed it out. Oh wait, there was an incident when someone attempted contouring on me, my face looked so unnatural, it looked good at home but hideous in pictures- it was not my proudest moment.

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  9. I’m guilty of doing a full face of makeup… with no foundation!! Lol I did that for years… Also did top eyeliner in silver with no bottom eyeliner. I have very dark skin so I’ll just let you imagine the results! 😂

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  10. OMG My eyebrows used to be sooo dark too. At one point, my hair was black, so they matched. But when I went lighter with my hair, I still did my eyebrows too dark for a while until my dad asked why and I realized it was noticeably bad lol

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