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    I honestly don’t think I could live without my Spotify. I am being deadly serious, as sad as it is but it’s like saying what would the world be like if we didn’t have music???? Like the Cadbury vs Galaxy debate I like to think that there is a Spotify vs Apple Music debate. I have tried both but I can safely say Spotify is my go to. I hate creating my own playlists as I am just so bad at it, so I love the fact that Spotify is full of playlists that I can follow and then no have to bother creating my own. Its genius!

    So I thought I would just run you through my go to Spotify playlists that I play whether that’s when I am at the gym, walking home from work, when I am blogging or driving the list could go on. If I am at home then I will 100% put them on my (my brothers actually) Panasonic Wireless Speakers because who doesn’t want their fave tunes blasting out loud???

    Cheesy Hits!

    This is one the those playlists that you can pop on when you are sad or really want a good dance along to some absolute classics and belt you bloody heart out. I have been following this for ages and I play it A LOT. It includes songs like Teenage Dirtbag, Grace Kelly, Party in the USA, Man! I Feel Like A Women, Kiss You etc…. So all the songs that you know all the words to basically!

     Feeling Accomplished

    This is one that I listen to frequently in the gym, admittedly it’s not the longest so I tend to change half way through my session, but a lot of the gym playlists on Spotify don’t have songs that I know on, where as this one I know nearly every single song. They are all up beat and have a good jogging pace. Spotify does have other playlists (which are super cool) which are songs which have a certain tempo which can affect the rate your heart beat goes when running… I think I have that right!

    Women Of Pop

    I am all about my girl bosses and the girls should stick together motto so this really is a good playlist for me. Not only is it bloody long at 10 hours so you won’t get repeats, it has every female pop artist you could think of, and if you don’t like pop then they have ‘Women Of…’ other playlists!

    Daily Mix Playlists

    If you listen to Spotify frequently then it automatically does this thing where it creates multiple playlists every single day which are based around songs you have listened to and the genres that you like… how genius is that?! I love it because I get something different everyday that I know I will love.

    UK Top 50

    I do love my throwback and 00s music but I am a classic ‘I listen to the charts girl’ and what a better way than to literally just listen to the UK Top 50. Or even the Global Top 50. I remember before I had it I would listen to music and think ‘Oh I have to remember to add it too my playlist’ but now I don’t have to!

    What playlists are you obsessed with?? 


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    1. 16/04/2018 / 7:40 pm

      I subscribe to Apple Music so my most frequently used playlists are in iTunes. Today’s Hits and Urban Throwbacks. Sort of polar opposites hahaha. Anna x (one half of the Cinnamon Buns and Roses blog)

    2. 18/04/2018 / 10:28 pm

      The Spotify ‘Cheesy Hits’ playlist is my absolute fave! Always makes driving on your own so much more fun! x

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