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    Let me just begin this blog post with an ‘OH MY GOD ITS ACTUALLY HOT AND SUNNY’ rant because it has been at least 20C the last two days and its absolute bliss. BLISS I SAY. I sat outside for a bit today, caught the sun a bit but this is the start of summer and I am SO excited!

    I also just want to say sorry in advanced if my blog posts seem a little vacant over the next month and a half or so. I have revision, and exams and basically every teens worst nightmare of a few months ahead of me so I am going to take a small back seat from blogging, if I can’t fit it in. When I have free time I am trying to write as many blog posts as I can in prep so that I am carrying on uploading.

    Along the same lines of the exam stress etc…. I need to keep reminding myself to take some time away from it all. From school, from work and revision – but my boyf would probably say I don’t ahah! It’s always nice to have places to just de-stress from life in general. I think everyone can instantly think of a place they love going to and just forgetting about everything that they have on their mind. Go on. I bet there is one right there that pops into your mind!

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    I have quite a few places actually that I wouldn’t mind going to just to breatheeeee. Sometimes I don’t have the time to and I am just like ‘And breathe Emily’ but when I can go I am there.

    One place, as you can see from my pics, that is a major de-stress for me is the beach. I mean if you don’t agree with me then are u ok hun??? Getting to the beach might not be easy for everyone but just listening to the sound of waves crashing on the beach is so peaceful. Luckily for me, I live half an hour not even that from loads of beaches. We went to the beach last night (FYI the surf was too crazy to even attempt to go into the water) and there is something about watching the world go by, taking in the sea air, eating some fish and chips – or battered sausage and chips in my case – and admiring the sun going down. It’s lush am I right?!

    A gym is my little place for physically getting rid of that stress. I love going to the gym when I am super stressed, hormonal or emotional and when I finish my workout I love the feeling when you realise that it really helped. Literally feels like a weight is off your shoulders. Even if it is just two hours a week – which is the most I can fit in at the moment – it works I swear. Sweat that stress away!

    I also find that shopping is a major de-stress. Shop til’ you drop and all that! But treating yourself to a little few bits and pieces every now and then doesn’t do any harm. I like to think if I work extra hard on my revision then I have earned those new shoes or that new bikini that I am currently eyeing up from ASOS.

    Finally if I can’t get out the house or I haven’t got the time to go out then a bath is also the perfect remedy. I have spoken about this before and I will vouch for it again because a bath can soak away all those bad thoughts. I always watch a bit of YouTube or some TV in the bath and I will wash my hair, give it a good deep clean and pamper myself. Take some YOU time.

    How do you de-stress??


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    1. 19/04/2018 / 10:25 pm

      Getting outside always helps chill me out! Good luck with exams xx

    2. 20/04/2018 / 1:47 am

      absolutely beautiful sunset photos!! great post <3

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