• Is The Deep Sleep Pillow Spray Worth The Hype??


    Why do I take a photo of a product that’s facing the wrong wayyyyy!?!? Pro blogger for you there… not. But it’s Sunday evening and I am in one of them pre-monday blues so I am going to watch a bit of TV have a bit of a pamper and TREAT myself. I just want it to be summer don’t you??? When I can go to the gym every day, spend more time with my boyfriend rather than revising, top up on my tan and sleep all I like!

    Talking of sleep, I actually have acquired the nickname of ‘Slugsy’ over the last 18 years of my existence (non that does not mean you can go around calling me that) because I have always like my sleep and I have ALWAYS loved a good lie in. Give me a lie in and I swear I will wake up on the right side of the bed.

    Saying this though I used to be an absolute pain when it comes to getting to sleep. I have always taken a while to get to sleep (apart from if I have a few bevvies LOL). When I was twelve I went through an awful stage of not getting to sleep. TBH I feel sorry to my mum who would get annoyed when I couldn’t and spent hours trying to help me to. I can’t remember why but it’s just an awful feeling.

    When I worked at my previous job, I got myself into a routine in the second year of being there that whenever I worked I never really slept the night before. That meant that I was working a long day doing a really physically demanding job on little to no sleep – I did sleep well the next night though GUARANTEED.

    Thankfully I don’t get mega mega issues anymore *PHEW* but I do get the odd night where my mind is ‘NO YOU ARE NOT GOING TO SLEEP’. So when This Works contacted me offering their Limited Edition Deep Sleep Pillow Spray to try to their shower gel I obvs didn’t turn it down.

    I had also seen this all over Instagram (was always really jealous of those who had it) and so when I received it I started using it straight away. I was really surprised when it came because it was a lot bigger than I thought it was be! Like it will probably last me forever because it’s so big. The shower gel and the spray are both the same size, and both smell pretty similar.

    They smell like lavender and freshness and all that goodness which is clinically proven to help you fall asleep better and faster. I love the smell of lavender and used to keep dried lavender in my bedroom to help me sleep. So I have been using both, for a good few weeks to really give it a good test and I have to say it’s really really good.

    I honestly rely on it so much! For example. I used it last night. A combination of it and a 12 hour shift and I was out sound asleep instantly. I spray the spray on my pillow when I get into a bed which is usually 2 hours before I actually go to sleep. You can feel yourself become more relaxed, more calmer which puts you in a good position to get to sleep.

    Last half term at college, I felt like a walking zombie, I really struggled with my tiredness and felt utterly exhausted. More recently (I have only just gone back to college but still) I have genuinely been feeling better. Of course I feel a little groggy but NOWHERE near as bad!

    I love this spray, love the scent and it has become my new bed time best friend. You can find the spray here and the shower gel here.

    What do you use to help you sleep?


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    1. 23/04/2018 / 4:02 pm

      Oo will have to try this I use so many different products for sleep remedies but haven’t tried this one! I’ll definitely be posting about the ones I’ve tried soon x

    2. 28/04/2018 / 6:42 am

      I’m definitely going to have to try this. I love anything natural that can help with sleep! <3

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