What To Know When Colouring Your Hair

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Feeling like you need to change your look a bit?? Fancy something different?? Getting bored of your hair?? I was like YEP YEP YEP to all these things when I dyed my hair both times. Colouring your hair can be a big deal, whether you do it yourself or whether you go to a salon and get it done professionally.

I have had my hair dyed twice, I got balayage both times and one time I was happy with it, and the second time (very recently) I probably would have changed the way it was done, but I have grown to like it.

Dying your hair can be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, the excitement of thinking about getting it done, the relaxation of actually getting it done, and the anxiety of what it will look like afterwards.

But if you are SERI thinking of dying your hair, especially if it is your first time ever dying your hair then GO PROFESSIONAL!! Go to a salon, book the appointment because they will look after your hair, and treat it correctly and it will look like its been done really well. It might if you do it at home, but if you are going for something like highlights, ombre or balayage then the home kits can be a MAJOR fail.

When you dye your hair, even if its only semi-permanent dye it can leave you hair that colour for years afterwards. For example, when I was younger a lot of people got into the crazy of dying their hair red. Yep red. And that’s okay if you maintain it, but trying to grow it out is a b*tch. The red will stain your hair to a gingery colour, so think seriously about it before hand.

If you go to dye you hair lighter, or blonder, like I did then you need to be AWARE that it will dry your hair out. This time around I got my hair cut as well as dyed so mine felt very soft – softer than I was expecting it to feel – however the first time around it didn’t. Because bleach is used it felt like straw. So get some hair masks in and let your hair have some TLC so get it back to feeling like a soft blanket again.

Instagram tends to be my bets friend for looking at local salons. If you find their page and find something that they have created and you like the look of it then they will most likely be able to recreate it. When looking at Pinterest it is all well and good-looking at some inspo pics but it never turns out like Pinterest goals…. I learnt that from experience.

Whatever you do don’t strip the colour from your hair. YOU ARE WELCOME IN ADVANCE!! Stripping your hair doesn’t get rid of the dye and make it look like your old hair again. A lot of people fool for that! It actually turns your hair a brassy copper colour and it is really unhealthy for your hair. Just don’t even think about it!!

I hope these tips helped. If you are looking at getting your hair done then let me know below what you want to get done!


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