Inside The Mind Of A Blogger

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Currently (whilst writing this blog) I am sat in college with time on my hands… Yes I know a bit of free time HURRAHHH! But it’s only for like five more minutes so this will be a test of my speed typing!

So I was wondering what to write about, as my list of ‘to blog’ is on my blog itself and my college does not have free wifi so I have gone into writing this post with no idea… Good one Emily *pats self on the back*.

I was wondering, I wonder what other bloggers write about, or how they come up with ideas to blog about, most bloggers don’t tend to blog as often as me, so I find it difficult not repeating myself in some way or another.

And that’s how we got here. Looking at how a bloggers thoughts process, because if you saw my thoughts on my blog daily… well… it would be a little overwhelming! So here are some of the thoughts that I have on a daily occurrence with my blog!

“Please say that I have some pre-written blog posts I can put up”

“Why do my photos look so CRAP?!”

“I like my new theme”

“I’m bored of my new theme”

“Oh damn I forgot to upload an Instagram post”

“Oops wrong Instagram story on the wrong account”

“What does this button do… (deletes whole blog post)”

“OOOOoooo someones asked for a collaboration”

“My likes aren’t very good on this photo”

“How many tags have I got on my photo so far?”

“How the hell do I caption this??”

“Ummmm… **forgotten train of thought completely** Oh FFS”

I am always thinking these things when it comes to my blog.

But I also have some positive thoughts too! Like once all my exams are over I literally can’t wait to start and focus on my blog likes it’s a job and I have BIG ideas, BIG plans and BIG ambitions! All very exciting and probably not achievable but I can’t wait to do more photo shoots, because I am literally doing none at the moment and I am finding myself going over past shoots in hope there is a usable photo there.

What do you often think of as a blogger??


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23 thoughts on “Inside The Mind Of A Blogger

  1. I started writing because there were some stories and thoughts dormant inside me. The only way I can bring it out is through writing. I found out I’m good at writing….probably the only thing I can excel……but at times I stumble back when my mind is blank….your post is relatable.

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