The Best Blog Photography Settings


Did everyone see how flawless and stunning Meghan Markle looked today at the wedding?! Her dress, in my opinion was so elegant and fitted the ‘less is more’ scenario. And how cute did little George and Charlotte look?!?! Sorry Royal Wedding chat over…

I have also been shopping with my mum this morning and I took her to this gorgeous little cafe in Plymouth called the Flower Cafe. It is just everything girly, and pretty and really quirky that if you live near Plymouth you must go. Basically they just do the best milkshakes and hot chocolates, I had the rocky road one, and mum had a toffee popcorn one, but they do unicorn ones and flamingo ones too!

I (my mum) took these photos on my *new phone* (which is amazing btw) and it just got me thinking about where are the best places to take blog post photos because this undeniably is one of the cutest blog post locations I have been too! So if you want to know where the best places to take blog post photos, that will be VERY popular are then keep scrolling!


One of my favourite places to get some good captures are different and unique restaurants or cafes . Just take the photos above for example, you can get some good selfies and good #foodstagrams in different lightings, take shots of the interior and atmosphere, and you never know if they notice you, you could build a good blogger/brand relationship!

Another place where I go to take my photos is just city streets. For this you want colourful or clean looking buildings. The way I would describe is is the ‘Chelsea/London housing’ style. Last summer I went with my friends Matt and Bailey and found some instagrammable streets to take photos in.

Find some lush street art. When I went to London I went on a FAT mission to get some good pics in front of some street art and colourful backgrounds. Its edge, captivating and just can add a little something to your photos than if you were stood in front of a white wall.

If you are looking for a country and relaxed vibe then corn fields and bluebell woods are perfect. Especially around this type of year or for a winter walk! But getting some nature pics in are just GOALS.

If you are in a city or near office blocks then you can whip your camera or phone out and get that chic business women look, it gives a professional look to your photos and can modernise it.

Finally the most important is anywhere you feel comfortable! If you want to take a blog photo then do it! Strike a pose and rock your stuff. Its very much about the way you edit photos too and the equipment you use.

Where is your fave place to take blog photos??


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